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"It's great to volunteer to support the NYCC Escape New York each year. One of the best parts is the volunteer ride on the preceeding Sunday.

However, I have not received any notification that the pre ride will be happening, or if so, when and where (even though I have a good guess as to ""where"").

Since I am out of town today, and at a public library making this post, could somebody please call me at 917-952-6061 and let me know when and where the pre ride will be happening? I need to make plans to return to the city if the ride is on?



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Basil A (not verified)
Too late now but........

I didn't receive any notice re volunteer ride either.

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
I notified Chris (nm)
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Chris T. (not verified)
Thanks Mark! (nm)
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