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I am going to be driving by car over the GWB this Saturday and want to park at the first boat launch on river road. I am looking for directions once over the GWB to get to river road. I know how to do it on the bike but not sure in the car. Thank you.

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Jay (not verified)
River Rd by car

Stay on extreme right lane on GWB, upper level preferable (if u take lower level follow signs thru Ft Lee for Pal Pky) Take Pal
Pky to Exit 1...At Exit 1, head towards river past B of A branch and go down to River Rd--I think marina is at foot of the downhill rd

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Jay (not verified)
save parking fee and uphill climb by parking in Allsion Pk

Englewood Cliffs---just off Hudson Terrace 1/4 mi south of Palisades AVE (Exit 1 PIP) and B of A branch - the only turn towards the river--at St Peter's College--after u go under Pal Pky turn right towards Allsion Park--free pkg there all day

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