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just moved to chicago and i was wondering if anybody had any info on local clubs or shops.and please no weather jokes i know it gets cold

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Bob Shay (not verified)
Cycling in Chicago

Been there. I lived in Eugenie Terrace on the Near North Side for three years '96 through '98. There is a performance bicycle store on halsted near a car wash and movie theater - with covered parking. Cycling season is short (May through October) and the terrain is very flat. On the plus side, nothing beats the low humidity cycling in June, July, and August. There is a bicycle group that coordinates rides and leaves from Lincoln Park on Saturdays. The performance bicycle store should be able to fill you in on the details.

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Jay (not verified)
"get hold of ""Chi Bicycle Guidebook""by Michael Palucki"

It's a little old but lots of helpful info--I had good luck with Turin Bicycle Shop in Evanston.

I also rode from NY to Chi (in 9 days) If u want info on that let me know!

I am sure there are good bike clubs--Ask around in bike shops or check out: or

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