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I recently switched from Dura Ace pedals to the new Look Keo pedals and I find the plastic cleats that go with the Keo pedals to be extremely slippery. I find it almost impossible and very dangerous to get moving from a stanstill, espeially if I'm on an incline. Anyone have any advice?

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seth (not verified)
once you go black...

"you'll burn anything that floats and never look back (this includes ducks, wood, very small rocks as well as red cleats). at least i'm not. and i switched from the original speedplay.

btw, i saw high on fire last night and all i can say is ""...AFFLACK...""!!!!"

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Sally Cressey (not verified)
cleat covers

This won't help you get moving from a standstill, but for lunch breaks and so forth, there are cleat covers specifically made for Keos:

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Karol (not verified)

I have Look Keo, but haven't been bothered by the plastic pedals. My old-style Look pedals had plastic ones too. I'm sure you clip in one foot before you're moving, and then pedal with that till you get momentum and then clip in the with the other--whether standing still on a flat or a hill. They are slippery, can see what you mean, but once you're in does it matter? If you don't like them, go back to what works for you. I just did that with tires...and shoes...and lubricant.

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