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I will do a ride up to Brewster or Garrison Saturday. 70-90 miles; leave from Boathouse at 8:30, take the train back around 4, back in town by 5:20. More details to follow. Post here or email me.
I was wrong about the distance, it is more to Garrrison.
There will be a bailout from Brewster at about 70 miles.
If we make it to Garrison, it will be actually around 90 miles.

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Karol (not verified)

I'm interested. Let me know if you're on.


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Inga (not verified)
Definitely interested


I'd love to join you.

Just wondering though, is there any chance you would want to leave earlier than 8:30 (like, 7:30, or 8)--the reason is, I think I would actually rather ride back home from Garrison instead of taking a train, so just wanted to make sure I make it back at a reasonable hour...

If you are set on 8:30, that'll work too--so just let me know if the ride is on.


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Robert Gray (not verified)

I would say that if you want to ride back, you should just not go all the way to Garrison.
We will take an indirect route and travel 70 miles to get to Garrison.
Garrison is 60 miles from Manhattan by the most direct route, so you would be riding 130 miles for the day.
I would not reccomend that you try to ride all the way back by yourself regardless of when we start.

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Inga (not verified)

Yeah, I know it'll be close to 130 mi--which will actually do me good... my next week will be mostly run focused--so this weekend is supposed to be all about the bike anyway :)

And as it happens, one of the very few places I know the way home from is Garrison (the direct route)--so that's why your ride is perfect for me. My original plan was to ride up to Bear Mtn all by myself anyway and ride around there, to make sure I do a bunch of hills and get to at least 100 mi total--so what's 30 more (especially when the weather is so nice and not hot/humid)? :)

Honestly, don't worry about me--I know that I am perfectly capable of making it back safely all by myself :) In any case, I'll see--I might even change my mind and just head to Bear Mtn after the ride is over in Garrison and just climb some more hills, and then head back to Garrison or Cold Spring and take a train from there later...

Having said all that, if you do decide to leave earlier than 8:30, I'd be totally thrilled :) If not, I'll just give me an incentive to ride faster on the way back... It's all good :)

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osh richardson (not verified)

just do this ride with John and Hank, I guarantee they'll give you a workout...
A23/21 115 mi 7:30 AM
The Catamount
Leaders: John Zenkus

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Inga (not verified)

Talking about being reasonable and realistic...

Yeah, I wish I could keep up with those A23 guys--they are going to drop me in 3 minutes!!! And then I'll be lost in the middle of nowhere!!! :( At least I can always find my way back from Garrison, no question about that :) A19 I can do, maybe even A20 on a good day, but A21-A23--I don't think so--unless I install a little motor on my bike or smth... maybe by next summer I'll give these guys some competition... not yet though--I am still very much a beginner!!!

HOWEVER, if anyone is going to that A23 ride but planning to do it at a more manageable pace, let me know, I'd be totally up for that.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
See You at 8:30

Lots of options here
Richard Rosenthal back early, Rich Ramon for 100 back not late, Robert with a train at the end.
See all of you for Garrison at 8:30!

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Dave Sabbarese (not verified)

Robert, count me in.

Dave Sabbarese

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Rich (not verified)
A18 at 8:30 70 or 100+ mile rides

Robert - I need to do a pre-ride of the Escape New York Century ride anyway so anyone that wants to join me can do that and those that want a shorter ride or a 130 mile round trip can go to Garrison.


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Karol (not verified)
change of plans

Robert, I'm actually going to ride a bit later so won't be able to make it tomorrow. Have a good one!


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