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I'm on the waiting list for the race and lost my ride there.If I don't race I'll marshall. Is there anyone going that has room for a passenger and a bike?

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Rob M (not verified)

What are you soft or something? ride up. ;)

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Eric Faber (not verified)

Metcalf! I know it's you. Atleast I can climb Bear Mountain. Ouch!

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Greg Faber (not verified)
Are we related?

got any family in France?

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nameless (not verified)

You'd really be better off posting to the CRCA list.

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A-19 SIG 2004 SIG Grad (not verified)
YUCK!!! Stick to your Colorado trip. (nm)
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Eric Faber (not verified)
Bear Mountain classic - Jealousy

Don't be so jealous of the great Eric. Bet you didn't graduate Magna Cum Laude from the A-19 sig. Bet you don't even race. Un-mask yourself coward and we shall duel up River Road!

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