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How much does one have to spend for a decent hybrid and what would you recommend?

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Heath (not verified)

Why do you want a hybrid?

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I don't but...

a friend was interested but now doesn't know if it is a roadbike that will work.

As per a thread on this site a week or 2 ago, a hybrid is fine for short rides.

I have too many cards in my hand but am looking to get a light roadbike suitable for compensating for my lack of power on hillclimbs. First you get into shape. Then you lose as much weight as you can. Then you refine your training, getting everything out of yourself that you can. Then you spring for a light bike. Then die and hope you are reincarnated into an Ivan Basso....

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Hector Roman (not verified)
Specialized Sirrus

Two of my friends who just started riding went for the Specialized Sirrus. The lowest model comes in around $550ish and the higher end models go for around $1000 or so. They both love it so I'd take a look at that one. Seems better then the Trek at the same price point or slightly higher.

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1 of 12 hand-picked alpha males (not verified)

I think the lower end Trek hybrids start at about 300 and are probably a better deal for warranty, etc.

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bob (not verified)

I have a $300 hybrid that I bought when I was in transition from a worn out 1980s ten speed to a good road bike. I still use it for towing the kiddie cart around the neighborhood.

They are fine for somewhat long rides. I did several half centuries on mine.

At the lower price points, they're pretty much all the same from the major manufacturers. Reliable and well made, just heavy. We're talking bike shop hybrids.

They are geared lower than road bikes, so may be better for a rider who is just getting into shape, despite the greater weight.

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Steve Weiss (not verified)
Lack of Power


I haven't noticed your lack of power on the hills due to the distance between us on Mohonk, Minnewaska, etc.


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Bob Shay (not verified)
Best Hybrid

The best rated Hybrid bicycle on is the Trek 7200 that retails for $300 to $400. Trek also has a lifetime warranty on the frames.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Thanks Bob (nm)
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Ron Birnbaum (not verified)
Check Giant FCR line (nm)
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