Stolen bicycle

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Ed Fishkin asked me to post the following:

Ed had his Aegis Aro Svelte (blue paint with red letters) stolen near 9th Avenue and 57th Street, at 4:15, Saturday, September 3. He feels crushed at the loss. 

If anyone has any information concerning this stolen bicycle, please contact the 18th Precinct at 306 West 54th Street, 212-767-8400, or Ed Fishkin, 917-578-1078

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ted (not verified)

There should be an awful lot of siggies that recognize that bike.

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Marina (not verified)


I'm so sorry about your loss. As you can read in my previous post, my Landshark got stolen last Sunday (from the locked lobby of my building), so I understand how it feels. I keep reminding myself that it's just a thing, although it was the most expensive thing I owned.

I heard that stolen bikes are sometimes sold on craigslist or ebay these days, so I've been keeping an eye on it. I'll let you know if I see something about your bike.


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Gary Katz (not verified)
Register your bike in advance

Information for all:

Free bike registration is available from the NYC Police Dept. They engrave the precinct number and a sequential number on your bike, usually on the bottom bracket shell. (Check with your mechanic to see if this process affects the structural integrity of your frame.) A record of the serial number and the owner's contact information is kept by the police.

If a police officer finds a bike with such a number on it, he or she can call the original precinct to have the owner notified.

If you report that your bike has been stolen, be sure to tell the police the manufacturer's serial number and the number that the police previously engraved on your bike, too.

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