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My custom-built purple Landshark road bike with a mermaid painted on the head tube was stolen from the locked lobby of my building this week. If you see it chained up or maybe even being offered for sale somewhere, please call me at 917.969.3697. Here's a link to 2 photos of the bike:

Thanks for your help.


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
A sad event

Is there anything you would do to secure the bike that you didn't do?

One philosophy is to treat an expensive bike like jewelry, either wear it or lock it up in your own home.

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jeff (not verified)

Please note that cordless grinders are now available, and cut through pretty much any lock like it was butter.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
I'm so sorry Marina

Your bike was incredible.

I'll keep my eye out for a new 650 tiny bike. They're getting very rare and you have to scout them out on Craig's List and ebay.

I'm so, so sorry. I enjoyed taking your bike for a ride in a parking lot up at West Point.

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Ed (not verified)
Stolen bike registry?

Is there a registry in NYC for stolen bikes? Sooner or later that Aegis or Land Shark will show up at a bike shop. Given that Land Sharks and Independent Fabrication frames and the like are not so common, wouldn’t it be a great idea for the NYCC to create a listing that is sent to local shops. At least it something to do to discourage thefts and encourage returns. I suspect that a fair number of buyers might not realize that they are buying a stolen bike.

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Greg Faber (not verified)

It's my opinion and impression that most stolen bikes are sold to restaurants and bike messengers. My stolen Specialized Hard Rock was recouped from a chinese food delivery guy and just last week I saw someone riding my stolen Cannondale T800 (he was a bike messenger). They get modified a little bit and then resold. If you yourself have made mods to it it might make it easier for you to spot it.

I just hope you have the serial number somewhere, and report it to the police!

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April (not verified)
I don't think so

Not for ROAD bikes!

Your impression doesn't seem to apply in this case. I don't see too many restaurant delivery guys riding around on fancy road bikes. Nor messanger either (they ride mostly fixies, which you can tell by the lack of ugly derailleur)

For that very reason, I lock up my mountain bike if I HAD TO leave it unattended. And if I just go out for an errand with relatively short stops, I take my road bike instead. That's base on MY impression that road bike aren't taken by random street youth for resale to delivery people.

If someone takes a Landshark or IF with clipless pedal (which they can't just hop on and ride away), they're taking it for what thye're worth (quite a lot)! And I seriously doubt you'll ever find it under some delivery guy in the neighborhood a few days later.

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Gary Katz (not verified)
Register Your Bike in Advance


Sorry to hear about the theft of your bike.


Information for all:

Free bike registration is available from the NYC Police Dept. They engrave the precinct number and a sequential number on your bike, usually on the bottom bracket shell. (Check with your mechanic to see if this process affects the structural integrity of your frame.) A record of the serial number and the owner's contact information is kept by the police.

If a police officer finds a bike with such a number on it, he or she can call the original precinct to have the owner notified.

If you report that your bike has been stolen, be sure to tell the police the manufacturer's serial number and the number that the police previously engraved on your bike, too.

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ben (not verified)
stolen bike question

Has anybody had a bike stolen using the new Kryptonite locks that you can't open with a pen (i.e. flat key)? I was under the impression that these locks weren't being broken into. I have one attached to a thick chain and I've left my bike locked up for entire weekends in/around midtown and the LES.

Should i be more careful?

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Sure. Given a 2x4 or a scissor jack, and an unattended 60 seconds, you can break any U-lock, regardess of key type. The new small Kryptolocks can be broken using a cut-down bolt-cutter. This isn't like using a Bic pen, but it won't take more than a few minutes, either...

In any case, I'd definitely avoid leaving a bike locked in a low-traffic area or outside overnight.

- Christian

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Look how easy it is to steal a bike

"Go to scroll down to ""Bike Thief,"" where they set out to steal their own bikes just to show how easy it is. Note the use of an angle grinder, fast becoming the tool of choice of thieves and NYPD alike, plugged into a lamp post - even ConEd helps out. Note also the cop in his cruiser in the background of one of the scenes, paying close attention to what they're doing (yeah, right)."

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