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I plan to do a long ride on Monday, Labor Day. Approx 60-70 miles at A19 pace.

I don't see a group ride posted. Would anyone else be interested in joining me?


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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Dropping Out

I will be riding with Robert Gray Monday.
Regards, Chaim

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david (not verified)
Ride on Sunday or Monday

I would be interested in going either sunday or monday- prefer to leave on the early side..Pls Let me know where/when you will meet. [email protected] 917 673-4337

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sally (not verified)
monday labor day ride

sorry not going to make the monday ride now as I'm staying out of town....another time. have a great weekend everyone!

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Bob Klein (not verified)
Labor Day ride

Yes, I would be interested, too. The pace and distance sound perfect, and the weather forecast looks good. My only constraint is that I need to be back in the city by mid-afternoon, but if we get a reasonably early start that should be OK.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
See Post Re Sunday Ride

How about Sunday instead? I will do the route.

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Daniel Wolf Savin (not verified)
A19 ride Monday (or Sunday?)

I'm also interested in doing an A19 ride for about 70 miles on Monday (preferably) or possibly Sunday. When and where should we meet.


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moomoo (not verified)
Did this get resolved? Is there a Monday ride? if so...

...what time and where are you leaving from?


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