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Looked for a thread about this but didn't see one. I know some NYCC members, i.e. George and Jeff, would be interested. For those who do not know Steve, he was pre-RUSA and I believe the first RBA in NYC.

On the North Fork Century, Steve took a spill and is now in the hospital healing ... something with pelvic bone/joint. It should take up to six weeks.

Here is where he is now:

Eastern Long Island Hospital
201 Manor Place
Greenport, NY 11944
(631) 477-1000 (ext 281)

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Ed Ravin (not verified)
Steve has moved

Forwarded from Glen Goldstein and Steve Taylor:

Steve (Bauman) is being moved today from Eastern Long Island Hospital - Greenport
to Franklin Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. The address is 14277
Franklin Avenue, Flushing, New York, 718-463-8201.

Directions (per Steve Bauman) - it is within walking distance from #7 Subway
(Main Street Flushing - last stop). Get off at front of train and exit
at the forward exit. Walk up Roosevelt Ave. to Union Street (1 block).
Right on Union to end. Left at Franklin Avenue (T intersection).
Facility is 1/2 block on left.

Steve should be able to receive visitors from Monday on, once his room
arrangement and schedule are worked out. Call first.

Steve is likely to be in rehab for 5-6 weeks recovering from a
minor-to-moderate fracture of the pelvis above the hip joint. He is in
very good spirits.

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Ron Kahn (not verified)
Steve Bauman

Is this the same Steve Bauman who was active in the AYH in the seventies?

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John Kalish (not verified)

Yes. Steve has continued to be a crucial organizer in the Five Borough Bike Tour and many other activities ever since then.

cycling trips