Anyone doing the Century on Sept 11 w/ Trans Alt?

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"Anyone here doing the century next sunday w/ Transportation Alternatives? Looking for some ""intermediate"" riders to ride/pace with at about B15-17 pace. Let me know if you're interested or whether it would be possible for me to join your group.

Thanks for reading,
E. Bruce"

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Rob (not verified)

FYI, it is hard to go much faster on most of the ride since it on open streets and greenways

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John Tom (not verified)
Doing the TA century

I will be marshaling the 100 miles route for this event and I plan on riding at a 16-18 mph pace with quick 5-10 minutes stops at rest areas, long enought to pick up food and go. You're welcome to join me if you like.

The route changed this year to run along the Rockaway and there will be a flat stretch on the Cross Bay to push it a bit.

John Tom
[email protected]

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Don Lee (not verified)


That sounds like a good pace, I'd like to join you. What time do you plan on starting and do you have a place in mind to meet?

[email protected]

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John Tom (not verified)

I will be at the starting line on 110th and Central Park, scheduled to depart at 6am. Look for the riding marshal with the black Cannondale and yellow aero bars.


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bill (not verified)

I couldn't find an online route map.

Is it hillier than last year? Last year was pretty flat - I did the century on my fixie easily enough.

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John Tom (not verified)

"Rode the 75 miles route last Sunday and the only two ""major"" hills I encountered was Carroll St to Prospect Park and one after Alley Pond, which I believe is Marathon. There is also one hill coming back from the Bronx, on Bennett in Manhattan.

I did not complete the Bronx leg due to inclement weather so I can't tell you about that section, but from what I hear from people on past rides, it’s rather hilly.

If you completed last year's route without a problem you shouldn't have a problem this year.

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