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I just switched from a hybrid to a beautiful new commuter/road bike with ruffy tuffy tires. On my second ride on my new bike (along the West Side bike path), I got a puncture flat. I was told when I bought the bike that these were the best tires for me. Does anyone use these tires for the glass/pothole strewn roads of NYC? Was this puncture just a fluke or should I be using different tires?



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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Rivendell's Ruffy Tuffys are pretty darn puncture resistant. I think this was just a fluke. What was the cause of the puncture?

I used them for about 1000 miles, but I couldn't stand the ride, so I went back to Roly Polys. They're less puncture resistant, but they ride nicer.

- Christian

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hannah (not verified)
good puncture record

I haven't gotten many punctures with my Rivendell tires (knock on wood), but they wear out much more quickly than I'd like. I had a sidewall failure after about 2,000 miles, for example. I replaced that tire with a Continental touring tire and expect to get about triple the mileage out of it. I always forget whether I have Roly Poly or Ruffy Tuffy tires.

No matter what tire you use, inflating to the proper pressure will help prevent punctures.


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af (not verified)
nothing is puncture proof

"As pointed out on the Rivendell site, these tires are puncture ""resistant"" not puncture ""proof"". If you run over a tack or a staple, virtually any tire is going to puncture.

Furthermore, there is a random factor: I went 2 1/2 years and 10,000 miles on a set of Panaracer T-Serv without a puncture and then got 3 punctures in two weeks.

Also, these tires won't fit most road bikes in the rear (the RT & RP are a full 27 mm so require a hybrid or touring frame to fit in general). My old T-Serv were 24 mm wide for the 622-28; the latest version has a different tread design and are now 26 mm wide and no longer fit my road frame."

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esass (not verified)
Puncture Proof

I used to use Mr Tuffy inserts and now I have Armadillo's. Both worked great for me.

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Neile (not verified)

"FWIW, I have four (4) new 700x32 Panaracer Pasellas with kevlar bead and kevlar belt ""Tourguard"" for sale for $20 each.

Pickup in lower Manhattan if interested.



T-Servs are great for touring, but my city mileage cut them up.

Pasellas have thicker sidewalls than T-Servs.

I'm now using Specialized All Condition Armadillos for the greater flat ""resistance""."

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