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My brother in Boston wants to buy a hybrid - Community Bicycle is the shop in his neighborhood. Does anyone know anything about them or have another shop to recommend? Also, what brands are good in the $500 and under range? I don't know anything about hybrids. Thanks.

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Steve B (not verified)
Wheelworks is excellent

I lived in Boston for three years (8 years ago now to be fair) and Wheelworks was really good to me. They've got two main shops and lots of choice. is their site. Their Somerville shop is right near the red-line (T/subway) at Porter Square so is accessible from downtown. Their Belmont shop (harder to get to on public transport) is huge when compared with Manhattan stores.

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Peter Storey (not verified)
Wheelworks and Harris

"I second the Wheelworks nomination, especially the Belmont store. They have a stupendous inventory, and -- apart from their mainstay high-end racing and road-riding business -- were very friendly at providing advice on sizing, etc. for my 10-yr old daughter.

Also check out Harris Cyclery in West Newton. Harris:

- is very supportive of less well known brands (Jamis, Gunnar, Koga Miyata and others),

- has a very strong orientation towards touring and commuting (as well as fixed gear and one-off tinkering),

- maintains the most useful cycling website anywhere, and

- provides a living for that irreplaceable cycling resource known as Sheldon Brown.

Well worth supporting. Everything I [don't] know about cycling I [could have] learned from St./Sri/Mahatma Sheldon."

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fhacklander (not verified)

having just returned to the nyc metro area from newton, i can tell you that both shops have their issues. like most nyc shops, both of them are overwhelmed on weekends. if public transportation key, wheelworks store in somerville appears easier to get to although i never ventured there (note: wheelworks has a web site with all the details, for the bike in question, harris probably the better bet. in the interest of full disclosure, i used wheelworks for overhauls/mechanical issues. international bicycle (numerous venues) also seemed to be ok/fair, but i can only speak to the one on needham street.

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James Cressey (not verified)
Service contract?

"Hey-- Sally's brother in Boston here. THanks for you advice. I went to Harris today and it was excellent. In terms of a service contract, they will do 1 year of free service (except for flats) and a free tune up. Is that a good deal? Wheelworks had a 90 day tune up. Back Bay Bicycles said ""lifetime of free service, 2 tune ups a year."" So that last one sounds best, unless their service is low quality, right?"

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ted (not verified)

Brought bikes at Back Bay Bikes (the one on Newbury St.) and both Wheelworks locations. The first, Back Bay, stunk, sold me the wrong size at a good price, not a good deal, didn't realize till it was too late. Wheelworks is first rate, excellent service, selection (especially in Belmont), you name it, they will do price matching too. Service contract is not really necessary after the first tune up which is in the first 3 months, most likely you won't do any major servicing on it for another 1 1/2 yr or more depending on your riding. Mind you, you have to lube it and take care of it, but unless you're doing a lot of miles (3,000+ yr) the chain won't need replacing, nor the brake pads, till then, just keep it and the rest of the bike clean and dry it off and lube it after riding in the rain
Have a great time with your new bike!

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