Remember Us???

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HELLO NYC!!! Big news down here in Alabama… Marie-Pierre is PREGNANT and it Looks like we’re gonna’ have TWINS!!!! She’s closing in on 10 weeks right now & should be due in late March!! Other than being tired all the time, she’s doing well & we’re both thrilled. Something tells me we’re gonna’ be busy…

We really miss living & riding in NYC with all of you... Alabama motorists & dogs are the pitts!!!

Hope all is well with y'all!!!

Mike & M-P


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

"1. Of course we remember you.
2. What are a boy from Long Island and a French Canadian woman using words like ""y'all"" for?
3. Congratulations!!!

- Christian"

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Ivy (not verified)

Congratulations!! I miss you guys! It's great to hear from you. I seriously can not imagine MP pregnant! You'll have to send me a picture when she gets big and round. :)

PS: Will you buy them a tandem?

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Sally Cressey (not verified)

Yes, they will definitely need a tandem!

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M-P (not verified)

We're planning on getting Chariot Cougar 2 trailer and Mike will push and pull for our running/biking training. We'll be in the City weekend of Oct 7-9 so we should get together if possible. I'll definitely be round by then!!

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Boys? Girls? One of each?

Why not a tandem AND a trailer?


Congratulations, y'all.

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Mike & M-P (not verified)

Won't know that for another month or two, but can't wait to find out!! BTW, the weather down here sux too...

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