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"NJ Transit website says ""Standard frame bicycles may be carried on-board during off-peak hours (weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. . . .""

Does anyone know if this is supposed to mean you just have to be on board before 4 PM and can than continue the ride past 4 PM, or that you have to be off the train by 4 PM?

(I'm going to try to call them, but I doubt I'll reach a live person.)"

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Jersey guy (not verified)
Certain trains are considered peak trains and are off limits

If you look at the timetables you will see X next to certain trains where off peak tickets are not valid. As I understand the rules, those are the trains that don't allow bikes. Frankly, as a regular NJ Transit rider, I see bicycles occasionally on the peak trains and their owners aren't hassled, but I wouldn't take the chance. The trains get pretty crowded sometimes and fellow passengers can get grumpy, even if the conductor doesn't do anything.

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bob (not verified)

I got someone on the phone who said if an off-peak ticket is good, you can bring on the bike, consistent with what you wrote. Thanks for the reply.

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