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Opinions needed ASAP...

Someone wants to trade their 2004 American Classic 420 Wheelset (regular spokes, US built) for my 2003 Ksyrium SSC wheels (last version before the SL - rim without the machined cutouts). Both have under 500 miles on them.

He wants a stiffer wheel. I want a lighter one and don't mind a more comfortable (and faster) wheel. I am a 165lb non-racer.

Thoughts? I need to decide this by tomorrow.

I hear rumors that the pre-2005 Am Classics were unreliable.

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Matt P. (not verified)

i have a set of 2003 ksyrium elites with 3,000+ miles on them. i have had to true them twice in that time. in 2004 i bought a set of used am classic 350s. they were true when i bought them, but came out of true every 300 miles or so, or whenever i hit a deep pothole, whichever came first. just one cyclist's experience. ymmv.

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JT (not verified)

Did you notice the difference in weight?

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

I've been riding the 350's for 3 years. Never been out of true. I use several other wheel sets and don't notice the difference in weight. But than again, I can't climb so maybe it doesn't make a difference.

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terry (not verified)
either or ...

My experience is limited to the very first high end wheel set I've owned -Kysrium Scc-Sls'. They certainly feel light to me, (as Herb can attest, I think I can climb). My plug is: I had a blow-out in the rear at 40mph, and the only damaged sustained was a hop. Which was replaced under warranty, at two years old. Oh, and they've yet to be trued!
Or flip a coin...


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Matt P (not verified)

to be honest, jt, i used to be a something of a weight weenie, worrying about the weight of my bottle cages, etc. yes, i know rotational weight is where you want to save grams if you are into that sort of thing. but i didn't notice the difference in the weight of the wheels. to be frank, i notice the biggest difference when i lose body fat. i went from 156 to 152 recently and even those four pounds seemed to make a difference when climbing.

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April (not verified)
I have the AC 420, pre-2005

I've had it since 2002. No problem so far.

I'm only 110 lb. But I do ride the bike over rough terrain. I haven't HAD TO true the rear wheels yet. Though the front has shown sign that it might need trueing... after being riden for over 2 years since the last trueing. (last trueing done after it was ran over by a car) ;o)

Mine isn't off-the-shelf AC wheel. It's got the same rim and hub but laced by a friend who does this for a living. 28 spokes in the back and 24 front, radially. If that makes any difference.

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JT (not verified)

Thanks for the input. I'm going to have to mull this over for a while.

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