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I'm a NY Post reporter, writing an article that attempts to identify the most expensive bike owned by a NYC resident (in light of Pres. Bush buying a $3k bike). Does anyone have suggestions? ie. would you expect the costliest bike to be owned by a professional racer or just a really wealthy person? Anyone know of any leads?


Heidi Singer

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Michael Casey (not verified)
you can spend $11,000 on a bike at Toga (nm)
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Joe (not verified)
"I would doubt that GWB ""actually"" bought his bike. (nm)"
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J (not verified)
I'm sure he bought it, only with daddy's $. Poor little Georgie.
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Opinion (not verified)

Professional racers don't really buy their bikes. So, they don't really have a price. You can add up what the parts might cost, but it is all hypothetical.

Amatuer racers usually have cheap bikes, because they know they will crash at some point and bang them up or break them.

So, the high end bikes are usually owned by individuals that ride recreationally. (recreational meaning serious riding, but not racing for time where you take more chances) High end on these can be $3-10,000 for a nice road bike. So, GWB's bike isn't that expensive compared to what you see in Central park.

The navagation system upgrade on a Caddy costs about $3000, as would two years gas for a Hummer. Or the gas for a round trip flight on a private jet, which most of those Prius driving movie stars spend on a regular basis. How about an article on that?

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Rob M (not verified)

If your serious speak to Phil at R&A they sell more quality bikes than anyone in the north east.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
It's mine

My bike is the most expensive bike in the city, because I wouldn't part with it for all the money in the world. I can't even be bought by Ruper Murdoch. Moreover, I won't spend a cent on a Rupert Murdoch newspaper or TV station.

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Derek (not verified)
NO, It's my bike

"No, I think my bike is the most expensive. Although it's a used LeMond, I LOVE my bike and the value it provides. Each, scratch and ding was earned by me. The TLC I apply to cleaning and lubing the bike as well as the exercise and tours of new areas/neighborhoods all provide me with more intrinsic value and enjoyment than a $5000 in price.

Each hill (like Little Tor or E. Clinton) that I climb was earned on my ""expensive bike.""

So regardless of politics, my opinion is it's not what someone paid for a bike, it's how they use it and for non-quantifiable amounts of enjoyment.
P.S. Why was Dubya riding his bike at the G8 summit in Scotland anyway when he should have been chatting with world leaders and building coaltions to address African poverty, etc.?"

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heywood (not verified)

3k for a bike is considered expensive?! $3,000 barely covers an SUV's gas for one year.

Looking for examples of ridiculously excessive spending? There are plenty more ludicrous examples.

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Steven (not verified)
'Expensive' Bikes

This is actually a good topic. People outside the sport don't know and can't understand what a quality bike costs.

Friends look at me with disbelief if I tell them my Colnago is over $6K. Is it worth it - to me. I see lots of $5K bikes on club rides.

Like stereo equipment, if you care, if you know, if it matters to you, the 'high' cost is worth it. If you don't care, it seems crazy.

Some people drive Porsches, some people think it is crazy.


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Heidi Singer (not verified)
know anyone who spent more than $18k for a bike?

So far that's the highest price I've found....a Pinarello Montello with $5k wheels.

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Mark (not verified)
3K is not that much for a bike

First, I do not mean to insult you personally, but I think this is ridiculous topic for story. Not only do I think its kind of stupid, but it has the effect of contributing to the materialist nature of this society not mention the welth devide, especially in NYC.
Second, Bush spending 3K on a bike is not that crazy when you look at high end bike prices today. Sure you can get a mountain bike for $800-$1500, but if you are an avid biker the $3K is well worth it because your bike will perform well and last. I have a $2K mountain bike from 1996 that I have hamered and it still works great with minimal part replacement.
Third, when you look at Manhattan, most people here tend to ride road bikes which are generally more expensive than mountain bikes, although why still baffles me because with shocks and all mountain bikes are much more complex. I read somewhere that John Kerry rode a $7K road bike. Again, I have to point out that this topic for an article is stupid. Just like the thread pointed out...$11K bike at Toga which I think is the limited edition Armstrong bike. It should not be about how much you spend on your bike but how much you enjoy the can always find absurdity...look at Usher creating his own $1 million dollar watch. Maybe he's got a diamond encrusted bike too. I think a more interesting topic would be to cover cycling in the city. Topics such as clubs, rides, dangerousness. Although I'm not a Bush supporter I think he's a great example of someone that took up biking at an older age and enjoys it. Plus, it refreshing to see him advertising a mountain bike. My 2 cent and some.

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Matt P. (not verified)

"""I think this is ridiculous topic for story. Not only do I think its kind of stupid, but it has the effect of contributing to the materialist nature of this society not mention the welth devide, especially in NYC.""

This is the NY Post we're talking here.

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JW (not verified)

That's all, just relax and let the man(or woman sorry wasnt paying attention) write a story. No wonder people think cyclists are uppity snobs. Maybe some people want to read about that. A reply such as yours does not put the NYCC in a good light. You should hold on to your 2 cents and use common sense.

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Mark (not verified)

I did not mean to offend anyone or place NYCC in a bad light. Simply stating an opinion on the NYCC bulletin board about an article that I disagree with. I do not think there is anything wrong with that and there are some (including myself) that would argue that responding to this article puts NYCC in a bad light.

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Neile (not verified)
Typical of NY Post

"They're afraid stories of GWB bunny-hopping a $3K Trek might not play well to the WalMart shoppers debating the $99 Huffy vs. the $129 Schwinn.

So they (the right wing media) run articles about neon-spandex-New-York-liberals toodling around on $5K imported Colnagos to put the GWB's purchase of a US made (?) Trek in ""proper perspective"".


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Alan (not verified)
But it IS a stupid topic...

"I'm sorry -- no offense meant to anyone in NYCC or to the reporter who came to this club to try to find an answer to her question -- but trying to find the most expensive bike in NYC (or anywhere, for that matter) merely plays to status-consciousness and materialism. And you can bet that the story is not going to be slanted towards, ""Gee, it's worth spending $$$ on a good bike because you get better materials, better design, better components, etc..."" You can buy a decent bike for less that $1K or you can spend a lot more. You can buy a functional car for under $10K or you can buy a Porsche. Who cares?"

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April (not verified)
Not stupid

"just sells more paper!

The Post is just that, sensationalism. The fact our president is riding a mtn bike for health and fun doesn't interest the public. So there's no story on that angle. Nobody cares about ""doing"" anythng for fun. They're only interested in gossips, about the most expensive bike!

Once the article is out, maybe people will start to out do each other by finding the most expensive combination in order to achieve an even more expensive bike? I bet our local shops will be ready for a rush of such clients. Nothing more powerful than fashion.

I'd say the post is pretty clever. Playing up to people's vanity."

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Check the price of this track bike frame

I suppose all those overpaid NYC bike messengers will have to have one...

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911 owner (not verified)

i do. i bought the porsche. phenomenal car. it's a real toss up these days whether to get on the bike or get in the car. seriously (well, this whole thread cannot be taken seriously), we all engage in this kind of useless one upsmanship; it's what underpins the entire campy vs shimano debate. to use it as a metaphor for life suggests that we all need to stop navel gazing and get out and ride.

btw, article in WSJ misspells serotta. i would advise our reporter to go speak to that company. i am sure that it can devise a break-the-budget bike...using the best componentry suite, namely campy record...flame away!

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John Z (not verified)
Bling for Da Bike
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el jefe (not verified)
My birthday is coming up
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John Z (not verified)

Who in their right mind would pay $50,000K for a bike spec’d with Zipp wheels? Where are the Carbonsports?

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Kara (not verified)

I have been holding out for all these years for the big diamond, but now....... :)

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Peter Hochstein (not verified)
I have the most expensive cheap bike

"For a cheap bike, mine is the most expensive in he city. My ex-wife paid around $800 (give or take a little) back in 1988, and gave it to me as a birthday present. It was a gift that she eventually regretted.

I spent way too much time riding it to please her. On of the last things she ever said to me was, ""You're in luck. I'm leaving you, so now you can sleep with your bike.""

It's an 18-speed Trek touring bike. As I said, it probably cost her around $800. So why is it so expensive?

I quickly fell under the thrall of New York Cycle Club gearheads who prosletyzed me into believing that the gearing was all wrong. So I had the thing re-geared (and also re-braked, a long story) for roughly $400.

Since then, I've worn out and replaced the drive train twice. I've had the bike overhauled about five times. I've worn out and replaced the tires at least six times (I've lost count). I 've replaced saddle twice. (It literally fell apart on me the first time. But the first replacement caused me pain and discomfort, so I replaced that, too.)

Oh yes, back in 1991 I also found a guy who gave it a custom paint job, changed the color from blah blue to jazzy orange, and put my actual signature on the down tube.

So my $800-or-so bike has cost me roughly $3,500 (not even counting the stratospheric cost of the divorce) making it the most expensive cheap bike in New York."

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