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"Wonderful opinion piece in today's ""The Conservative Voice"" ala Lance's doping controversy. Makes Pat Robertson rational in comparison.


Ride easy and ride safe."

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RB (not verified)

what an idiotic article.

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Ron Birnbaum (not verified)
NYCC Webmaster - Please remove this thread (nm)
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NORBA Dad (not verified)
Are you NUTS??

That was hilarious!

I loved the HEADLINES - National, Politics, Business, NASCAR...

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Ron Birnbaum (not verified)
missing something.....

....and biking?

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bill (not verified)

that guy he don't spell too good

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Etoain Shrd-Lu (not verified)
As le poet francais once said...

"""Il pleut dans le chemain
Comme il pleut dans mon coeur.""
--Baudelaire (Or was it Verlain?)

""You show me (bleep) and I'll show you people fighting over it.""
--Raisehellfrida the Mud Maiden

""I don't give a (bleep) what the French say. They cook a great duck!""
--Borst the Bratislavan

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrdlu"

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Evan Marks (not verified)
"Qu'est-ce que c'est le mot ""chemain"" ?"

Chemin misspelled, maybe?

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Etoain le Shrdlu (not verified)
You take the low chemin and I'll take the high chemin

"Considering that so many people on this board can't even spell in English and don't catch flak over it, I take umbrage at your rant over a typo.

""Je m'en fou de ca!""
--Henri, the visiting Frenchman

Your Pal,

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Suomynona (not verified)
cute (nm)
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Seeing wasted bandwidth (not verified)
Shrdlu an embarrassment

"Cute, indeed.

Were it only to be true that this Shrdlu person would, in fact, take umbrage and retire his/her sad and tired shtick.

Unfortunately, the author is likely someone who thinks that he/she is ""oh, so clever,"" rather becoming the resident Guido Sarducci of the NYCC message board.

""Pretentious? Moi?"""

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