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"The bike is going to KOREA in a bike box. Replacement value ~$2500.

So far:
UPS says they can't ship it there.
FDX says $468, but I can't pin them down if it's insured.
Delta Air says $130 for the excess bag + $90 oversize fee. No insurance.

American Express offers bag protection up to $2K for $9.95. You enroll in their ""premium bag protection"" plan. They automatically bill $9.95 to EVERY charged flight, although you can credit a flight in advance or terminate the plan. Of course the coverage devil is in the details.

My next stop - the post office.


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Kate (not verified)

maybe a silly idea but....

you could split the bike into two bags. frame and accessories in one then wheels in another. that way you are under the insurance limit $1900 for the frame $600 for the wheels. you probably can check the wheels as normal luggage too.

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meg (not verified)

It's not a silly idea. I contacted the expat thriathlon club in Seoul. A guy there suggested the same thing. Although my lbs thinks they can get it in 1 box that's within the USPS length and girth limits. Turns out the ol US
Postal Service is best for intl shipment. $110 including insurance. I hope it works.

Many thanks.

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