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Getting quite tired of the local shop-of-fools. Need a trusted/likeable/knowledgeable mech. for the cycle repairs. Got any recommendations? Upper west side area?

Much apprec.

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Suomynona (not verified)
The only mech on the UWS

Marcos at Champion Bicycles
896 Amsterdam (between 103 & 104th streets)

Shop is a hole-in-the-wall. Owner is the best wrench in the city, hands down.

Imbert's good too. (Don't know the name of his shop, 77th between Amsterdam and B'way, one or two spots away from the corner of B'way)

[Ooops - sorry, edited to corrrect wrong name, thanks Christian.]

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Imbert Jimenez's shop is Master Bike. 77th btwn Ams/Bwy.

- Christian

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scottcw (not verified)

Can't agree that Imbert is good. I recently had him build a bike for me, several of the fit measurments were off, he did not point out that the inner chainring was too close to the chainstay (ended up scraping paint off the chainstay, charged me $140 for a Record front derailleur (non-carbon) when a carbon version lists for far less, and did not return the oversize Chorus front derailleur that was on my old bike.

Granted, I should have said something about the chainring being too close to the chainstay, but I trusted that he would have mentioned if it were close enough to rub. I found out about the overcharge a few days later when I looked at the receipt, and I did not think to ask for the Chorus derailleur back. So part of the blame is mine, but I prefer someone that does work right the first time and I don't have to second guess him later. Bottom line - I will not take another bike to Imbert.

I recommend Bike Works on Ridge St.

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PStuard (not verified)
good mechanic

just went to Champion cycles. a good man indeed. thanks

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