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John Miller (not verified)

The link didn't work. Could you repost or write out the link itself?

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ted (not verified)
Trail Access

And we wonder why trail access is so bad...
Luckily he lost, or we might lose all our trail access.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
It's always...

"We love to take risks, but when we screw up, (the cyclist in this case should have been most intimately aware of the trail's condition), and get hurt... it's always ""someone else's fault.""

I feel sorry for the guy, but he did it to himself."

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Nathan Smith (not verified)

Thank goodness he lost. Sucks big time what happened to him but dam people are so ready to sue over everything.

Hate to admit but I have a friend out here in Queens sueing the city because he hit a pot hole on a warm sunny day on a open road and got hurt badly. Absolutely no reason he couldn't have gone around it. He simply wasn't looking and got badly hurt. I don't think he deserves to get any money from this accident.

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