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As we approach the Labor Day Weekend, people have been asking about transportation to The Ride Noho Weekend.

If any one can offer a ride or needs a ride or would like to split car rental costs, please post here and/or call me @ 718-832-3588 and/or e-mail me.

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Pamela Bloom (not verified)
I need a ride to Ride Noho

Anybody out there to offer me a ride to Noho on Friday and back on Monday? With bike and luggage. Much obliged.
I'd be located in midtown. I'd be happy to split costs of car but don't have license with me. Thanks so much.
Call office 212-946-4113 or home (late night) 718-793-3879.

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Gavin (not verified)
Ride to Ride Noho

I'm also looking for a ride to noho on Friday to return monday, with bike. I'll share costs and driving (from manhattan). Please let me know.

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