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"Columbus Day Weekend in the Catskills -- Oct 7-10, 2005
(updated for rides and accommodations)

The weekend is happening as usual even though the listing will not be appearing in the NYCC Bulletin. Everyone is still invited. If you are planning on joining us, please send me an email -- JeffVgl at Yahoo dot Com -- so I can put you on the list for updates.

The big changes are the ride leaders. I'll be leading my A22 rides from the back as usual. Ron Grossberg will lead the A18/19's on similar routes. Margaret Cipolla will lead slightly shorter A/B18 rides on those same routes. There may be no one to lead anything slower than a B18, but I do have perfect cue sheets for anyone who'd like to do 25-50 mile rides on their own.

There are also going to be less rooms available in the area. I strongly recommend you book a room NOW. A complete list of area accommodations is at the very bottom of this post.

Here's all the additional info you should need:

Take the NYS Thruway to Kingston (exit 19). Follow the signs for Route 28 West towards Pine Hill and Phoenicia. If you are staying in Mt Tremper, go 20 miles and turn right on Route 212. For the Phoenicia Hotel and Cobblestone Motel in Phoenicia, turn right on Route 214 in Phoenicia, 23 miles from the Thruway exit. For Ray's Cabins and the Phoenicia Motor Village, continue on Route 28 one half mile past Phoenicia.

Be prepared for anything! Some years we have looked for shady spots to eat lunch. Three years ago it was 29 degrees on Monday morning. Bring tights, a windbreaker, long fingered gloves and more. I'm bringing booties. Ya never know.
If it is raining at 9:00am, meet on the Phoenicia Hotel porch, on Main Street in the center of town to find out what the alternative plans are. Some people will ride, even if it turns out to be an all day rain. Some will go for a hike. Maybe someone will take a trip to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Most of us meet at Sweet Sue's on Main Street in Phoenicia between 7:15 and 8:00AM. Many of us will probably have lunch there too before our drive home on Monday afternoon.

Many of us who are up early will probably have dinner in Brio's on Main Street in Phoenicia. There's always room to pull up another chair or to start a new table. No reservations necessary.

Tentatively it's planned for Mizuna on Main Street in Phoenicia. I think it will just be order off the menu, pay for what you order, no need to pay in advance. Final info will be available on Monday Oct 3.

I'll work out something equally friendly.

In the past, if we were unlucky and had a rainy day, many of us went hiking. Nothing very difficult or long, but some rain gear would be helpful. There is also a short trail, beginning right in Phoenicia, that we plan on doing after our ride on Saturday. It takes a little over an hour roundtrip. It's also a great place to sit with a ""recovery"" beverage, taking in the great view of the surrounding area from the top.

If anyone would like to stay over on Monday night, on Tuesday Margaret and I will probably be hiking Giant Ledge and Panther Mountain for some of the most spectacular views in the Catskills. It's 6.5 miles and should take four to five hours. All you need is a pair of sturdy shoes, layered clothes, a hat and gloves, and a small day pack or a large fanny pack and musette bag. Please feel free to join us. We're also open to other hiking suggestions.

RIDE SCHEDULE (assuming the weather cooperates):

Friday, October 7
2:00PM A19+/- 12-40 miles. Meet in front of the Phoenicia Hotel on Main Street. I'll supply perfect cue sheets. Hopefully someone will volunteer to lead. Maybe I'll even lead a short ride.

Saturday October 8 - 9:30AM
A21+/- 70+/- miles - Jeff Vogel - new route to Tannersville; lunch at Maggie's

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
nm (nm)
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el jefe (not verified)
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Inga (not verified)
anyone going and needs a roomie?

I'd love to come--does anyone need a roommate? Male, female, whatever--doesn't really matter (as long as you behave).

If anyone is interested please email me at the above address.


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Chris T. (not verified)

I have stayed at the Cobblestone and the Weyside. Not the Plaze, but clean and comfortable.

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)
bump to top

Apparently there's still room available for the Columbus Day Weekend in Catskills. Many NYCC members will be there. Contact Jeff Vogel for information if you are interested.

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el jefe (not verified)

The current forecast is for a 60-70% chance of dry weather in the areas we'll be riding on Saturday. Since I have little reason to get back early, we can postpone the start if it is raining at 9:30. Look for me in Sweet Sue's or on the Phoenicia Hotel porch to confirm and find out the new start time.

It will be cold. Try to remember how you dressed last March.

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robert (not verified)
room available at cobblestone motel

room with one queen bed available at the cobblestone in phoenicia: $66/night for fri,sat,and sunday.
call them at 845-688-7871
first come first served (they are otherwise full)

also please let me know:
robertmeyer (AT) aya(dot)yale(dot)edu
if you take the room

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t.brilliant (not verified)
it's just rain!

don't be a wimp can handle a little rain, high winds and temps in the 30's.


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