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""One night, strolling in the evening air, I happened by a theater as a play was letting out. A crowd of distinguished Amsterdammers poured onto the sidewalk. The men wore blazers and ties, the women wore dresses and cardigans. Most of these theater-goers were in their 50s and 60s, with wrinkles and bifocals and graying beards.

""It looked like a scene you might witness any night in Manhattan, when a throng of well-dressed New Yorkers emerges from a downtown playhouse. But there was a key difference: The New Yorkers would stride toward the curb with one arm in the air, hailing a taxi. The Amsterdammers, by contrast, were unlocking their bicycles from nearby racks, hopping up on the pedals with a little two-step, and riding away...""

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Chris T. (not verified)
Just don't ride your bike into a canal :)


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Michael Steiner (not verified)
Bikes & NYC's theaters ...

"Reminds me on the reactions when I rode the first time with my Brompton up to the Metropolitan Opera, folded it and brought it to the coat check: Raised eyebrows and a ""Oh, that's a first!""..."

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