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Forgive me if this question is totally off the wall, but I've lived in LA and SF for the last 25 years. There were some areas there that were not very safe to ride in.

I've checked out some of your cue sheets for riding from Manhattan to Mount Kisco. The ones that go out Madison to the Grand Councourse to Bronx River Expressway, etc. Is that route fairly safe for a solo rider in the middle of the day? I don't mean safe from cars, but from the locals. (For instance last summer I saw large groups of kids throwing rocks/sticks at bike riders in Central Park).

Thanks in advance.

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Rob (not verified)
safety is always an issue in any city

Fair enough.

My answer is yes.
I live in the Bronx, actually Riverdale section and
usually ride home at 8-9 pm and ride through Harlem.
I have the same fears on Park Avenue as I do at 125th and St Nicholas, usually cars.

People are people and kids are kids. Always be careful,
in general always stick with main thoroughfares, NO SHORT CUTS and don't be a rude ass cyclists.

It works and why not.


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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Midday exit from NYC

The locals aren't the problem, its the auto/truck traffic. I would avoid the Grand Concourse at all costs in mid-day. In fact most weekend routes out of Manhattan may be unsafe midday/midweek.

I use a route up RSD to 181st, Ft. Washington/Tryon Park to the Broadway Bridge on weekends and I'm not sure I'd recommend that because it crosses an exit lane for the GWB. No problem weekend mornings, may be a different story during primetime.

Consider taking the the #1 or #2 train as far as possible into the Bronx to pick up your route.

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seth (not verified)
metro north

from grand central terminal to where ever in westchester you want to go in westchester. that's the best route

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Chris T. (not verified)
You are not in danger from Bronx residents

The issue is automobiles. In particular, the Grand Concourse is to be used only on weekend mornings. Other times traffic is too hazardous. I personally stay in Manhattan to the Broadway or Forham Road bridges before heading into the Bronx, for purely traffic avoidance.

The roads paralell to the west of the Bronx River parkway are passable, but you need to be very wary of the exit and on ramps from the BRP

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Michael Steiner (not verified)
Grand Concourse ...

.. is fine also on weekday mornings if you go north-bound. I used it several times when riding from the city to work in Westchester County and never had problems with traffic (at least not more than you will also encounter on weekends ... :-)

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Regina (not verified)

I find it safe and I am a small female riding a nice Ti bike. I have ridden from Manhattan through the Grand Concourse and up into Westchester solo several times and never had a problem. Always act like you know where you are going and don't draw attention to yourself and you should be fine.

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Robert from Bedford (not verified)

Hey thanks for all the replies everyone. Your responses are encouraging and discouraging, but it sounds like traffic must be the real issue.

I have done the MTA North to Bedford Hills. For some reason I'm always exhausted after the train ride and feel like I can barely make it up the hill from Bedford Hills to Bedford Village. Weird.

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Russ Berman (not verified)
Tired in Bedford Hills?

Take the sting out of the hill when you first get off the train--warm up a little and bypass a good part of Main St/Bedford Center Rd by heading northeast up Babbitt and taking a right at the stop sign on Buxton Rd or the T at Harris.

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Robert from Bedford (not verified)

Hey Russ,

Thanks for the suggestion, sounds like a good plan. Normally that hill has almost no effect on me. Must get stiff on the train. Additionally some of the commuters seem a little antagonistic towards bicyclists. Tension is not good for the muscles.

I've also been riding to the Greenwich train down Mianus River Road to Middle Patent to Taconic, etc. It's a longer ride, but there's almost 20 minutes less time on the train. There's also less traffic until you get into Greenwich.

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