What do y'all think about the Raleigh Supercourse?

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You guys gave me such great advice on hybrid vs. road bike, now I'm hoping you can guide me through the next step. A respected bike store owner says the Raleigh Supercourse is more bike for the money than comparable Trek or Specialized models. He also says it is one of the most comfortable bikes he's ever ridden. So, why don't I ever see any Raleigh road bikes out there? For those who didn't see my previous post, I'm new to cycling, have done some 40 mile rides and am hoping to keep at it and increase my mileage over time. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. Also, I am a woman, and wonder if I should be buying one of the Treks or Specialized models designed for women...Thanks!

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B. Dale (not verified)
Fit is Key

How the bike fits you should be your most important consideration. The bike that is most comfortable for the bike shop owner may not be most comfortable for you. Try a search of this message board using WSD or bike fit. While not all women need a WSD, many do. Make sure sure the person that is giving you a fit knows what they are doing and puts you in a position that you are comfortable. If you have the opportunity for a test ride, remember to inflate the tires to the pressure that you will use on your everyday rides. Find a bike that you love to ride!

I'd personally try a Trek WSD, that's just one opinion.

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banky (not verified)

I have been riding a Raleigh for the last 4 years. It has been fine. The frame has been great. The only problem I had was a seat post clamp that snapped off two years ago. As well as frame fit, look closely at the component package. One of the ways they keep the price down is to mix component packages. Make sure you are happy with the component package.

I have not noticed as many Raleigh's out there in the last year or two, as in previous years. It might be a combination of the following: 1) Raleigh bikes do not seem to be as much of a value as they previously were, relative to other manufacture's bikes. 2) Two years ago, they have expanded their product line to the point where it seemed a little confusing trying to differentiate between models. 3) They don't sponsor a team, so they do not get much publicity relative to manufacturers who do sponsor teams and do not have as much cachet as they did way back when they were involved in road racing.

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banky (not verified)

By the way, the Supercourse look like it would have what you need, in terms of components. Don't go lower than 105 components if you are going to put in a lot of miles. No idea how good Tektro brakes are. But that is what I mean about mixing components, as well as the 105/ Ultegra/Truvativ mixture of the drive train.

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