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Track bars and stem off of last years Bianchi Pista.

130mm 31.8 Carbon Fiber stem off 2003 Giant TCR 2 (Actually I think it is 2004)

2 - Selle Italia trans am flite saddle. One is from the Giant, not sure why I have the other one.

1 - USPS Aspide saddle.

Any offer accepted. Doesn't necessarily need to be reasonable.

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Xiao (not verified)

what size track bar is it?

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Heath (not verified)

Bars are 40cm c-c.

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Heath (not verified)
Antique Electronic stuff

Since no one wanted any of my cycling junk, does anyone want any of my antique electonic stuff.

Sony VCR - Before DVD's, people used to watch movies on something called a VCR. VCR stands for video cassette recorder. Does anyone remember casettes? The VCR might make a good museum piece.

Sony 400 disc CD Player - Before mp3's were popular, people used to listen to music on CD's. CD's are like DVD's, except they hold less information. Back in the old days, when you would buy a cd, you would not load it into your computer. Instead you would have a CD Player, hooked up to your stereo to play the music on the CD. Instead of only being able to hold one CD at a time, this player can hold up to 400. This would also probably make a good museum piece.

Any takers?

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moomoo (not verified)
you're funny (nm)
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Peter Storey (not verified)
Yeah, right . . .

Next you'll be telling us that folks once used buckles and straps to keep their feet on the pedals.

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
VCR, CD juke box

can you tell me what brand/model they each are?

and what condition?



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Heath (not verified)

Cd Player - Sony CDP-CX400

VCR - Sony SLV 620HF

They both work and are cosmetically in good shape.

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