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Did a recent post have a link to a 100+ mile ride perhaps in Vermont? The ride included serious climbing, some dirt roads if not a lot of dirt roads, and I think it was in Vermont? I believe this was the inaugural ride in what they hope to be an annual one.

I have searched the message board but to no avail.
I may have found it through another site but I think it was via here. Thanks.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

It's the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee.

I can't go, because I'm in Minnesota that weekend, but I (and others) would be up for doing it as an unsupported ride, later in the year, if we can find/buy the cue sheets.

- Christian

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chris o (not verified)

Christian - Thanks a lot for the info. I am probably going to do this ride and if so I will make sure to get an extra cue sheet and arrange to get it to you.

Chris O

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John Z (not verified)
We Are On!

I was thinking about just putting some wider tires on my road bike, but after today riding some hardpack in damp conditions I decided this ride would be more fun on mountain bikes. We will just have to work a bit harder...

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