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I was thinking about getting a 'cross bike to ride and race. Does anyone know any good spots for training? Ideally it would be close to Manhattan, or accessible by public transport (no car). I am really looking for a place with some dirt and grass so I can fall over in peace.



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Rob (not verified)

"I asked a few peole at my LBS who Cyclecross where they go.
The word is along the Palisades in NJ. The directions I got was basically exit the GWB and go to the Right.
Also mentioned was Prospect Park, but like most (all?) city Parks it is.... how do u say it ""illegal"".

another rob m

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Cyclo Cross info

Karl Dittebrandt, JP Partland and Regina (forgot her last name) all race cyclo cross.

Race listings can be found at: www.racelistings.com

For a bike: Richard Sachs builds those bikes AND he has a team (he also races) .. Richard is in CT

I attended a race in CT two years ago with Karl and it looked fun - but tough.

You should talk to Karl ... email me privately and I can put you in touch with him. He knows plenty of spots (including Manhattan) to train.

diane goodwin

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Gary Katz (not verified)
Cross racing in NJ and practice in Brooklyn

There is also a series at the Sussex County Fair Grounds in November.

I practice in Brooklyn. I don't know the official names of the parks but their locations are:

Gerritsen Avenue near the ball fields past Avenue X

Seaview (?) Park in Canarsie at Seaview Avenue in the East 80's and 90's

Shore Road Promenade (?) Shore Road in the 70's to 90's. This is not the Belt Parkway bike path. It is on the inland side of the Belt Parkway. Good for riding the steps (down and with some degree of success, up), running and bike handling practice.

I'm a member of Kissena. A truly great club.


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Ed O'Donnell (not verified)

I've heard that Alley Pond Park in Queens has races. Try CRCA.net for info

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E. Novelo (not verified)

It's a new sport and seems more popular in the West. The season runs from Oct. thru May. BikeReg.com list local races. Not much activity in the Northeast. Also you will find additional info at
http://www.usacycling.org/cx/ and www.velonews.com Mountain bike trails s/b OK for training.

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Fixer (not verified)
It's a new sport?


I'd recommend Stillwell Woods on LI. Easy to get to by LIRR. The trails there are fast and smooth enough for 'cross.

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Regina (not verified)

just have to guffaw at the NEW SPORT mention and that it is big on the west coast.
I have to agree with others that is is very alive and well. I raced Cross full on from Sept - Dec. hitting races from NJ, MA, CT, RI, NH, VT, CA, DE .... National Champs will be back on the east coast this year too!!!


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John Segal (not verified)
New sport? Not really.

Cross is alive and well in the Northeast and has been for 20 + years.

Let me see, there's the Verge New England race series. The nationals are being held in Providence this December, and locally Kissena runs a cross series:


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Evan Marks (not verified)

No 'cross races at Kissena the last few years while the track was out of commission. Now that it's rebuilt it seems the parks dep't doesn't want their lovely new facility messed up by dirty nasty cyclocrossers, so it won't issue the necessary permits.

Correct me if I'm wrong, that's how I understood it.

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scott haspel (not verified)
any interest?

I posted this message on August 3rd.

Date: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 7:05:08 PM
Author: scott haspel ([email protected]) Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)

Model 2001 54 cm Fuji cycle cross bike for sale.

shimano 105 components. Changed rear derailleur to Shimano XT.

All other parts original.

Estimated milage between 1500 -- 2000.

Asking $850

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Rob M (not verified)

Scott, I'm 6ft 5 so a 54cm bike is out of the question. Try ebay, I'm not sure why, but there are not many decent cross bikes listed.

Everyone, thanks for all the replies.

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scott haspel (not verified)

i completely understand.


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Mike A. (not verified)
Fuji Cross Bike

Scott- Is this bike still available? If so, how can I view? Any pictures?

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s. haspel (not verified)

i sent pictures earlier in the week. Not sure whether you received them.

i'm not sure how to attach them here, so i will send them to your e mail address.


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