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Where can I order a custom jersey? And does anyone know a good designer? And last, any idea of the cost of doing something like this?


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Matt P. (not verified)

A designer friend of mine recently created a simple jersey for my charity group. A graphic designer will probably charge you at least $50 an hour.

Most jersey makers have minimum orders of 20 or so. At these quantities, prices range from $45 to $90 per jersey. I ordered from Charlie Issendorf, an NY cycling legend who runs Champion System. Turn-around time is eight weeks.

For small quantities and fast turn-around, Voler has a semi-custom service. I used them last year. The jerseys are very thin, however.

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[email protected] (not verified)
Proceed with caution

Champion System is a new spin-off of another garment company based out of Asia. I can honestly say their gear is not worth your investment. The quality & construction are questionable (stitching coming apart & such) & the fit was never right. The shorts/bibs were a nightmare. To this day, the team is still having problems with the kit. I know because I was on the team & designed the team kit. I don't know Charlie but the partners exercise shady & unethical business practice. That's why I'm no longer with them. Proceed with caution.

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Matt P. (not verified)

very interesting. i know the company is based in hong kong, and i told charlie i was leery of working with an overseas manufacturer. but charlie's reputation as a racing promoter in nyc is top-notch and he assured me all would go smoothly. so far he has been very responsive and diligent.

he sent me samples, and they seemed fine. certainly better than velowear's product and comparable to my pearl izumi stuff. my order is due in october, so we'll see. thanks for the heads up.

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Tim Casey (not verified)
Be careful what you say

As a founding member of the Champion System Racing team I have to state that Kam's opinion is his own. He does NOT speak on behalf of the team.

I can state that we have been very pleased with the support our sponsor, Champion System, has given us throughout the 2005 racing season. We have had a mutually beneficial relationship in which we have introduced their cycling apparel to the NY racing community and they have supported us in local and regional NRC races.

He have other sponsors we are also pleased to represent and look forward to continuing our relationships through the coming seasons.

Kam is welcome to his opinions, but they do not reflect the opinion of the team or management.

Tim Casey

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Rob (not verified)
These seem to have some nice low cost options

I have no experience with them, however


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)

"Kucharik has been in the business for ages. I don't know how their prices compare to others', but their quality is excellent."

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el jefe (not verified)
one jersey?

Where can I order a custom jersey?

I took this literally. There's only one company that can produce less than 6 jerseys. Voler:

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