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I wanted to take a ride out to the Kissena track to check it out. Somehow, there's only public transportation directions on the site (http://www.kissena.info/member_area/directions.html). Can anyone provide a biking route from the Queensboro/59th Street Bridge using local roads?

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hannah (not verified)
group ride to Kissena today and next Wed.

This week (too late--oops!) and next, TIME'S UP! has a group ride to watch the races. See http://www.times-up.org/calendar/calendar.php for details. The nicest route I know goes through Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, which I find extremely confusing even though I've done it a few times--always following someone who knows where they're going.


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Josh Gosciak (not verified)
directions to Kissena

Next Times Up ride to the velodrome is on Wednesday 8/24, at 5:30, and meets up at 60th and First in Manhattan. I may be going out there the week after on 8/31 if more than 2 folks show interest on this thread. (Night riding is very unpleasant alone.) Best and easiest way from 59th Street bridge is Vernon, to Broadway, to 34 Street bike lane, through Fresh Meadows to Kissena Park, 164th and Oak Avenue. Side streets, etc. Maybe UAR will do a ride out there that night.

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