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My shifty 8 speed Dura Ace shifter has left me shiftless in NY. The left side has been done for and given the mileage on this package the right side might not be far behind. Therefore, I'm looking for a replacement for same. You might have an answer to this on a parts bike or in a dresser drawer. If so please e-mail for sale 2 me. Am not interested in upgrading to the latest 2,345 speed gruppo. Not yet.

Ok..remember...looking for 8 speed Dura Ace STI Shifters (a pair or seperately).

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Heath (not verified)
My experience

Last year I went looking for an 8 speed STI shifter to replace my 600 that was giving me trouble. I went to every place that everyone suggested and called all of the places out of town. No one could help me.

They pop up on ebay all the time, but I have no idea how you could guarantee that they work.

I still have my flaky 600 8 -speed shifters. Not sure why I kept them. But if you want them, let me know. Basically the cam is worn down so sometimes it doesn't shift.

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Rich (not verified)
What are your options?

"1. You will find a lot of 8 speed shifters on ebay. Given that most will be used, and that these are complicated little gizmos, you take a risk of having one fail soon after you get it.

2. Shimano Sora is still 8 speed. Not as pretty as 8 sp. Dura Ace, but it will work.

3. Bar-end shifters. Keeps your hands on the handlebars while shifting. Lighter & cheaper than STI ""brifters"", will never fail due to normal usage like the Shimano ""brifters"" do. Also the left side is non-indexed, so you can trim the front derailleur to eliminate chain rub in any gear--something you can't do with STI shifters.

4. Downtube shifters: same advantages as bar-end shifters, except even lighter. You do have to remove your hands from the handlebars to shift, and your bike has to have downtube shifter mounts, not just the housing stops."

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Not Compatible

"""2. Shimano Sora is still 8 speed. Not as pretty as 8 sp. Dura Ace, but it will work.""

No, it won't! Dura Ace 8 speed is not compatible with other Shimano 8-speed stuff.



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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

To upgrade to 9sp, all you have to change are your shifters and cassette. Your derailleurs, cranks etc. all stay the same. So in this case, I think going to 9sp makes most sense.

Regardless, good luck finding a set of 8sp STI shifters. I think Ebay is your best bet.

- Christian

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Bob Shay (not verified)

Ask the seller how many miles/months he has owned these.

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barry shapiro (not verified)
8 spees sti

i have two sets of dura ace 8 speed sti levers that i would be happy to part with.I know somebody who ended up bidding $200 on ebay to win a bid which i think is high.another way you can get around this is to use 9sp lever which is probably just as hard to find.if you call me at 718-426-4479 i can tell you how to get 9sp to work as 8sp.

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