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While doing regular laps in the park one can not help noticing the gorgeous dressed cyclists with Foundation logos on their back.

Oh how I wish I would be like them !

Riding fearlessly a pace line in the park,
whistling everybody out of my way, strutting my stuff, showing off my talents squashing slow riders and pretty much doing whatever I feel like it.

They are a inspiration and will motivate me to train harder (earlier) so next time they pull 1ft away from me I can sprint and leave them collect my snot on their face
for a change.

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Kara (not verified)
Emily Post

You're telling me! Wow they have left me dazed, confused and almost on my a** in their cloud of dust and snot more than once!! Thinking about sending them Emily Post's book! :)

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Brooklyn POV ?

Being a Pro Park and not Cee Park evening rider, what and/or who is this Foundation group?

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Foundation is a CRCA subteam.

- Christian

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Heath (not verified)

From what I understand, they are the largest CRCA subteam. So you will see them everywhere.

I know that the races are held in Central Park, but I am still confused why people use the park to train. Wouldn't it be much more pleasant to go somewhere where there are less people and traffic?

This is also coming from someone that lives no where near the park, so going to river road is closer for me.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Training in Park

Why not ride in Central Park? It's so convenient and it's the course they race on. It takes too long to ride up to the bridge to NJ.

It's an advantage to train on the course you race ... you can plan your attacks, check potholes, debris, turns, inclines, descents ....

Teams need to train together to get used to each other's ride styles and working together. They need a central location and Central Park is perfect.

For those who are slower riders, remember, they are use to speed and moving around obstacles - better handling skills usually. It's not a big deal for them to go around you - as long as you stay straight.

I have seen Foundation riders going over the bridge many times. I know a few members .... very safe, cautious riders.

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Heath (not verified)
See my disclaimer on my previous post.

For me, I can get to River Road in half the time I can get to Central Park.

I guess what it comes down to is convenience.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

> For those who are slower riders, remember, they are use to
> speed and moving around obstacles - better handling skills
> usually. It's not a big deal for them to go around you -
> as long as you stay straight.

Usually being the key word. I've seen some pretty questionable bike handling and pack riding skills among plenty of those riders in the Park, both while pack riding and while trainig individually and in small groups.

I admit that I, too, think Foundation is the worst of the bunch, but as Heath suggests, perhaps that's a function of the numbers.

Just another anecdote to add to the bunch.
- Christian

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John Segal (not verified)

I'm in the park two or three mornings a week (usually from 6 to 7) and find the Foundation riders who train at that hour ride in a perfectly appropriate manner.

Now don't get me started on the tri guys (and gals)....

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john (not verified)

Seems to me that when I ride in an 18-20mph range anybody riding as fast paralelling me 1ft close is not cautious.

When we are talking about a peloton of 20-30 passing *everybody* like that then I feel the danger and pull away.

Sure they want to train.

We all want to train for something just we don't incovenience everybody because *we* do that.

BTW the true cyclist knows that the brakes only slow you down...

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Michael (not verified)

"""""Now don't get me started on the tri guys (and gals)....""""

What, don't you think it's totally fine to be down in your aero bars when neotiating crowds on a downhill section??"

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lurk (not verified)
to each his own

The foundation guys don't bother me, But don't get me started on the Polska guys that ride in the evenings.
They ride side by side blocking the road to warm up, then they blast around the park like screaming mad men in a pace line yelling at little kids, and then go back side by side to block the road again. Of all people that should be considerate about blocking the road.
Really I am just jealous at how fast they are and that they all have wheels that cost more than my bike.

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Zoetemelk (not verified)
CRCA Racers in Central Park

"For the most part the majority of the club racers who train in CP are safe riders even if they seem a litle brash at times. There is a good reason for this. If you are a CRCA club racer which includes all the sub teams Foundation, Toga, Skyline etc.. and you are caught doing a fast pack ride at night - known in racing circles as the ""night ride"" you will receive a suspension from doing club races for a week or 2. They have backed this threat up on a number of occaisions too. So in the unlikely event that you have a legitimate problem with one of these racers endangering you by racing at night with a larger pack simply note the team jersey and make of bike and send an email to CRCA and they will take care of it. If you report someone it better be for a good reason - as they will act on it and nobody like a snitch....

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Tony of Foundation (not verified)

"I am the Foundation Team founder. We appologize to anyone that we might of offended. Our intent is only goodwill. Our web site is

We do not support and have discharged members from participating in the ""night ride"" or any fast dangerous riding in Central Park.

Over the past 3 years we have raised over $200,000 for charities on behalf of the CRCA and our fellow cyclists. These charities include: Diabetes, Care, Alheimers, Parkinsons, Transportation Alternatives, Central Park Conservatory and Achilles. Our group is large because we pride ourselves on a fairly open membership with the requirements including some racing, fundraising and ambassadorship to cycling in the park.

I started cycling in NY with the NYCC its a great organization. The CRCA, Century Road Club Association, is a great way to explore another aspect of cycling - racing. The club offers coaching, clinics and riding with us will definately hone your cycling abilities. Foundation is a sub team of CRCA.

Cyclist should stick together and respect all users of the park. We should support each other respect our different cycling inclinations and work to make the cycling experience safe and enjoyable for all.

Please support Transportation Alternatives,

Safe Riding


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Foundation Rider (not verified)
How 'boot some spit?
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flea (not verified)
if you don't race...

If you're freaked out by racers training, move to the left and stay to the left so faster riders can pass on the outside edge of the park; it's only common sense. Don't ride five abreast and don't panic if someone comes close. It's only too close for you, it's not too close for a racer--they're used to it, and yes, their skills are better than yours. Those Foundation guys look great riding together. Enjoy the sight!

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