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So I felt very bad the other night because I had NO CLUE what I was doing!!! I was doing a brick which involved hill repeats at the north end of the park - this obviously required me to cut through the tranverse multiple times going West to East...first I stayed on the right side of the transverse (I thought like a car would made sense to me)and almost crashed into another cyclist head on who was cutting through the transverse in the proper direction to cut out the hill - I felt like a jerk about it so the next time I stayed on the left and almost crashed into another... each time I went through I was told I was on the wrong side no matter which side I was on...and everyone I have asked gives me a different which side should I be on?

(I also apologize to the man I almost hit if he is reading this)

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ted (not verified)

Either edge is fine, obviously the right makes more sense, but you have to cut across oncoming traffic to get there.
Or go right down the middle and tell cyclists cutting off the hill that they are wimps!
Seriously, any cyclist or runner that trains on the upper hill will understand what you are doing.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Stay to the right.

- Christian

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af (not verified)
right, except at entrance and exit

When cycling on this road from west to east, you must keep in mind that as the one going against the flow of traffic you should keep out of the way of those going in the east/west direction.

Usually this means riding on the right. However, there are exceptions:

when meeting others at the entrance or exit, it is far more efficient to pass on the left, because almost everyone in both directions is turning left (and passing on the right would require everyone to cross paths, i.e. =NG);

sometime the motor vehicles using this road drive so close to their left side of the road that it's easier to pass them on your left.

Just keep yor eyes open and use common sense.

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