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Greetings fellow members...

Five years ago i was a competitive cyclist. I took a 3- year hiatus due to back spasms and I am now getting back into the swing of things. I try to ride as much as possible doing laps in CP (looking to other rides as well). I go both in the AM and PM as my schedule allows. I was wondering if there might be riders who would enjoy the company and motivation riding together would bring. Hope to hear from you soon.

Let's Roll!


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JT (not verified)

What time are you looking to ride in the AM?
I am out there almost every day between 5:30 and 6:00am. About 1/2 the time I am riding solo. My routine is to do three laps at anywhere between 17-20 minutes per lap.

I could use a regular riding partner who wants to ride through the winter (until it snows).


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KG (not verified)

Hey Jess,

Thanks for your reply. I usually get into the park at East 84th Street around 5:30-6am as well. I assume you ride between 15-20mph based on your time. I am just under that at this point and i would be concerned about holding you back. Let me know what you think. Looking forward to your email.


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terry hildebrandt (not verified)
morn'n laps

There's an informal tues, wens, thurs am ride. We meet at Tavern on the Green at6am -usually 4 laps, or what your time allows. An a-19 pace(wens is hill repeats)
look foward to fresh legs.

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Mitch (not verified)
street parking

Hey Terry,

I'd be interested in one of those morning rides... coming in from New Jersey though, so any suggestions on where to find street parking at that hour?


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rossp (not verified)
pm rides

Anyone do any regular evening rides in Central Park? I try and go fairly regularly just after the traffic stops. Mornings are not my forte... :-)

Generally around 4 laps at just under 1h20 - so around 18 average. Any takers for meeting up?

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terry hildebrandt (not verified)
parkin'n ina am

I'm pretty sure right along CPW, if not a side street near where you want to enter. I'' check out some signs on my way up tomorrow.
To make matters a little easier give me a call:(646) 335-5230.

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Susan (not verified)
CPk laps in the AM

Not my preferred time, as I do have access during the week for non-traffic times.

But I have a regular riding partner, 6AM, most Thursdays, we do 17-18 MPH for 3 laps. Sometimes an extra north hill loop or two. Sometimes Tuesdays.

Give a holler. Bad riding conditions cancels, the usual.


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