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What's a good route to Montauk from Sag Harbor? 114 all the way?


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Michael Casey (not verified)
left at 27, or...

cross it, go past the cemetary and take a right at Dunmere, which becomes Further Lane. Jog right at the T (Indian Wells if memory serves), then the first left at Bluff Road, which ends at 27 on the other side of Amagansett.

Alternatives to 114 include Sagg Road or Town Line Road to 27, then cut through Georgica and pick up Dunmere as above. You can do a number of more meandering routes. Those Streetwise maps are pretty handy, and they're already laminated.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
The Route

"""What's a good route to Montauk from Sag Harbor?""

Swamp Rd, Northwest Rd, Alewive Brook Rd, Springy Banks, etc. Promised Land Rd, Napeague Rd, Old Montauk Highway.

Return(south of 27): Bluff Rd, Further La, Lily Pond Lane,etc.

Get a Hagstrom map and plot it out. Or try:


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Fred (not verified)
Best route

"Take Nepeague Meadow to Cranberry Hole, then work your way over to Round Swamp Road to 114. (Red Dirt Road is good, the first part of cross Highway is not good)

That's a pretty sketchy description but a great, if somewhat complicated, ride. Plus, you better like hills.

I recommend the very funky ""Fish Farm"" on Cranberry Hole for lunch."

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jess (not verified)

Anyone have a good route from Southampton to Sag and back that avoids busy roads (like Seven Ponds Rd and Noyac)?

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bill (not verified)

Thanks! I love hills. And I was kind of hoping the route would be a no brainer where I'd just follow the bike route signs or stay in a bike lane the whole way.

Last time I was out there I was amazed by how many people were riding along 114 away from Sag Harbor. And the bike lane looked pretty good. So I just assumed it kept going.

But it sounds like I'll need to get a map and really think through your directions.

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Michael (not verified)
The BBB Route

Start down 114 from Sag, Make a left on Swamp Road (maybe 2 or 3 miles from Sag) then follow the BBB cues on the pavement. You'll be treated to a very nice ride to Montauk first hitting 27 beyond Amagansett (I usually stay on 27 from that point as the traffic drops off a lot by them)

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bill (not verified)

Wonderful. Thank you!

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