John Leiby?

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Does anyone know a John Craig Leiby, of W 13th St?

I found a pile of bike locks, gloves, etc. bearing his name on a bench in the 14th Street Subway platform this morning.

After concluding they would just be so much trash to the MTA apparatchiks and ever in the pursuit of my own cosmic
Karma, I decided I'd see if I could track him down and return the (likely purloined) items to him. But
I can't seem to find a telephone number for him.

Does anyone happen to know anyone/anywhere to ask in the cycling community?

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Suomynona (not verified)

"But maybe he ran a 4:09:02 marathon in 2000, and if so maybe the Great Long Island Running Club could help ( Long shot but what the hell, good karma's not cheap."

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Ed Ravin (not verified)

You have his address? Why can't you knock on his door? Or if you're shy, drop the stuff off at the local police precinct, it's their job to reunite people with their lost property.

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