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question here. Anyone know of a route from the city to vermont. I have plenty of rides once i'm there. Also, getting from Southern vermont down into Mass., specifically worcester. Thanks a lot.


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Bob Shay (not verified)
Check your email for cue sheet. (nm)
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Susan (not verified)
cycling to/in VT

I'm leading a 5BBC trip including a local century event in the Mad River Valley area from Thurs 8/25 - Sun 8/28 if you'd like to participate or hook up with us.

As to getting there -- NYS has a state bike route along parts of 9 that would get you up to the W. side of Lake Champlain. They have a website and maps.

Also Champlain BIkeways has a bunch of scenic and suggested routes along/around the 'hood of Lake Champlain; some pretty good routes.

Call me if you want local info up there: i'm a long time (part time) ski instructor and have a place near Sugarubhs. Know lots of roads, plus have some books.


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