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"Greetings members,
I'm interested in buying a carbon fiber for the first time,(trying to get a great bid on e-Bay). I'd like to know if there are any shops where one could ""try"" a ride; or if a club member would feel comfortable with me taking a spin on your wheels - once around the park - to ""Get the feel"" I'd need something in the 61cm size.


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Rob (not verified)

Metro rents Trek 5200 for $100 a day and may be applied to a new bike if you push them.


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Christian (not verified)

Trying a carbon bike won't be sufficient if you want to test the ride of one bike. An Alan won't ride the same as a Trek 5200 won't ride the same as a Parlee Z1.

You'll need to try a specific bike.

- Christian

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terry hildebrandt (not verified)
carbon rides

ok...specifically I'm looking at Colnago C-50; pardon my ingnorance, but why do manufacturers carbon 'ride' differently?


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Heath (not verified)
Many reasons

The simple answer, the same reason different steel bikes ride differently.

Type of carbon. Shape of tubes. Size of Tubes. How the tubes are joined. Geometry of the bike.

Just as an example. If you go to Giants website and read about their carbon technology. Then you go to Trek's website and read about their carbon technology, you will see they are very different. And to use Trek as a further example, they have used several different carboon technologies each year. OCLV 120, OCLV 110, OCLV 55. I am not sure what they are using now.

P.S. Make sure you know what size Colnago frame you need. Might not be the same size as your current bike.

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Christian (not verified)

> Might not be the same size as your current bike.

Assuredly will not, is probably more likely. Especially as the big nags have the Freuler geometry. A 61 nag fits like a 59 regular bike (eg Pegoretti, Serotta).

- Christian

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1 of 12 hand-picked alpha males (not verified)
Can anyone actually tell the difference in the ride

of different types of carbon fiber? I doubt it.

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Christian (not verified)

Types of CF, probably not, but different lay-ups of the same type, certainly.

More importantly, anyone who rides bike could tell the difference in handling between a 57cm top tube and 120mm stem and a 55cm top tube and a 140mm stem. Or the difference in feel between 39cm chainstays and 42cm chainstays. Geometry and weight distribution matters, and those are quite different between the bikes discussed.

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ted (not verified)

I thought you were a die hard Ti guy?
Lending a C50, wow, I think most people would give you a spouse first. A current generation Trek OCLV would give you a pretty good idea of a carbon feel. You are welcome to borrow my 5500, but the older stuff has a lot more flex. It would give you the basic feel though. The C50 is pretty much the same, but much stiffer and less bouncy.

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tim andon (not verified)

Hi Terry, I can supply you with some info about Calfee's carbon bikes. I have the middle model (tetra-pro). This particular model is stiff. I think it was ordered that way,I found it hanging in Conrad's (was there for 2 years). Anyway. I test rode the Luna model (low end frame, Dragonfly is the high end), and found the ride soft, and it handled very well. I got the test ride from Larry & Jeff's on 79th and 3rd. This was about 2 years ago, not sure if that opportunity is still there. Hope that helps..........tim

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