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Has anyone shipped their bike on the Hampton Jitney? I would like to find out if it is a safe way to transport a bike.

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Michael Casey (not verified)
you say shipped...

I assume you mean taking a bike with you on the jitney. I did it once a few years ago...they charged me an extra $10 and put it in one of the luggage compartments with the front wheel off, and it was fine, but it was a mountain bike. You could wrap the frame or even box it and I think you'd be OK.

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Peter Brevett (not verified)

Thanks Michael. I have a cover that I will put over the bike it when I put it on the Jitney.

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hannah (not verified)

I've taken a fully loaded 61 cm touring bike on the Jitney and not had to remove so much as a bungee cord. It's a good option for the many times that bikes are not allowed on the Montauk line and other LIRR trains, and is usually a little faster too. The only negative versus the train is the price.


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Anne (not verified)
also recommended

Taking your bike on the jitney is really simple. What I've done in the past is put my bike in their separate carrier, along with wrappint it in a big towell so it does not get scratched, in addition to placing my duffle back firmly next to it so it does not rattle around. I've done it many times, with ease and success.

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