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Am thinking of getting rollers to supplement my trainer (mix things up a bit, improve technique, etc.). Any thoughts on the benefits of rollers? Ease of use? Kreitler vs. Cycleops?

Thanks in advance for the input.

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donbert (not verified)
Sportcrafter Rollers

"I'm new to road cycling so I recently got a set of rollers to work on my technique. After doing a lot of research I went with aluminum rollers made by Sportcrafter. They're the company that actually makes the rollers that Cycleops rebrands and sells as their own. I ordered mine from and got them in 3 days with regular ground shipping. Branford also sells the Cycleops for $30 if you want the same rollers in black instead of red. These rollers had good reviews, a competitive price and lots of accessories for upgrading in the future (fork stand, magnetic resistance, fan resistance, etc...).

So far I use the rollers for about 1/2 an hour twice a week and I have had no problems. It feels like riding on ice at first but I can already feel the benefits of working out on them. My handling, balance, and pedaling form feel much stronger. Also I feel a lot more comfortable and in control at higher speeds off the rollers."

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Dennis (not verified)

"I use rollers (for about 3+ yrs),my feelings are that w/ rollers you have to ""ride"",and concentrate,or else you'll definatly will fall.You'll also develop a smooth pedal technique,but one thing I have a problem w/ is I can't go from the small chainring to the big one w/o slowing my cadence,I use a cannaondale Sacao w/ a 53/39...13-25,CLEAN chain etc....does anyone else have this problem?Is this because there's so much wieght on the saddle(insert jokes here) pushing down compressing the wheels to the rollers?Anyway,you'll learn how to spin....anyone have any good roller work-outs?"

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