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I've been meaning to do this for a while.

I plan to go throught the Bronx to White Plains, then out Lake road to Armonk for lunch. The route back is undecided; either go east to Mammaroneck and shore road back to the city, or explore West towards Tarrytown.

There's no cuesheet yet. I hope for an A-17 pace, there's no planned stopping until Armonk except to write down street signs (missing or otherwise).

I will leave the Central Park Boathouse at 9:15am
Intrested parties contact me by email. Today (friday) I will be out of town but back in the city by 8:00 PM. after that time you can contact me at 917 952 6061.

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Pace (not verified)
What on earth is an A17 pace???? (nm)
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Chris T. (not verified)
I knew somebody would ask this question

"A= type of ride
17 = Pace in the flats. At the end of the day, most cyclecomputers reveal a 14 mph average.

The projected route is about 31 miles from CP to Armonk. Including reconnoitering, it should be over two & half hours. On most ""B"" rides, there would be an intermidiary stop. There is no planned stop to Armonk, so this makes it an ""A"" style ride. If there were two planned stops, it would be a ""C"" ride.

But, to repeat this is a scouting ride, not a club ride. The usual preconceived notions about A16, B16, A17, B17 style and speed should be tempered. Plus, depending how the day goes will determine whether this will become an A or B club ride in the future"

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