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"Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 21:42:49 -0400
From: ""jbenepe""
To: ""ebikes""

Dear Ebikers, CRCA cyclists, 5BBC'ers, TA'ers and Individuals (if I missed anyone by title I apologize):

Here is the link:

Please respond to the survey I am conducting on the use and satisfaction with River Road. As cyclists, you all know this road is very beautiful, but has some drawbacks. I am trying to gather information prior to a very important meeting to be held with Palisades Parkway administration.

This is the road that stretches from Fort Lee, NJ to Alpine, NJ along the Hudson River. (Note, this survey does NOT pertain to the main road used by motorists, often referred to as ""River Road"", that runs along
Edgewater, which leads onto Hudson Terrace in Fort Lee, NJ. Instead, it is the recreational road that runs through Palisades Park BELOW Hudson Terrace, below the Palisades Parkway, and under the George Washington Bridge.)

The more answers I can get in the shortest period of time (allowing me to analyze the data properly, and put it in a presentable format), the better. Therefore I encourage you to fill out the data as soon as humanly possible and to send the link also to ALL your cyclist friends.

The deadline is August 12, 2005 midnight. If you miss the deadline, try to get it in as soon as you can thereafter.

This is meant not just for individual cyclists, but also for families. Results will be available publicly.

Please send feedback, comments, and suggestions that you cannot fit on the survey to me directly. Please keep long rants and subjective negativity to a minimum if you could. I would like to present a balanced view of the use of the park (despite the hastily designed questionnaire).

Here is the link again:

Thanks so much!
Jen Benepe

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bill (not verified)

that link reports back an error

Your request cannot be completed. The following error message was returned:

This account: 32766 is out of space.

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JP (not verified)

worked well for me.

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