I need someone to modify a steel frame for me.

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I have a steel singlespeed MTB frame that I want a rear rack mount added to. There is a threaded hole already, but it is too close to the dropout and interferes with the chainline tensioner.

Who can do this locally (without screwing up the frame)? I think it just requires someone drilling a hole and threading it. Is this safe to do? The frame is a Gunnar Ruffian, and the dropouts are pretty burly.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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Adam Pollock (not verified)

If you want a bike shop to drill the holes for you, Chelsea Bike would probably be the place.

Alternatively, you could try different chain tugs (if you need them at all). The MKSs seen here look like they'd give enough clearance for a rack's mounting eyes:


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jess (not verified)

Hey, I thought I'd seen every model of chain tensioner, but I've never come across that one before. That MKS model is pretty cool. Very minimalist. The only downsides are that it looks like it has a limited range of adjustments (only one hole) and it's pretty pricey at $28/pair. It looks like it'll fit my dropouts too. I think I'll pick up a pair.

Thanks for the tip.

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Neile (not verified)
This rack design might work on your frame without mods.

"They secure through the rear axle's quick release.


Bicycle Habitat has them in stock from time to time.

There are issues with the axle slippage on horizontal dropouts -- which can be managed with a ""tuggnut style"" tensioner:


I was able to accomplish the same thing by bending and drilling a ""J"" shaped shelving bracket.

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jess (not verified)

I have chain tensioners -- the Redline version @ $10 a pair. They work well, but won't fit then there's a rack installed. The rack mounts are too close to the dropouts. I'd prefer to not have the rack mounting to the rear axle, for a variety of reasons. Thanks for the input.

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
drilling dropouts

"Hello JT; If it's a simple drilling and tapping of the dropouts ( either english or metric threading) I can easily do it for you gratis. assuming, as you suggested, that there be sufficient ""meat"" in the dropout to accept a minimum # 10 ( opx. 3/16 diam.) or 5 mm screw. both of wich I can provide.If this option sounds appealing to you contact me @ the e-mail above and we can work out details for you to come to my home in Bklyn where I can have access to my tools/ shop. Ciao Tony M."

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jess (not verified)

Thanks for the kind offer. I think I'd like to take you up on that when I get back into town next week. I'll reimburse you for your time and materials too.


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