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I’m looking to put a small, informal group together for a ride from NYC to Montreal. I’m thinking 387 miles or so split over 5 days covering much of Route 22 and then the Canadian route verte. Sleep in cheap motels.

While I’m somewhat flexible on the dates, here’s a suggested itinerary:

Thu, 9/1: NYC to Dover Plains 85 miles
Fri, 9/2: Dover Plains to Berlin/North Petersburg 86 miles
Sat, 9/3: North Petersburgh to Ticonderoga 84 miles
Sun, 9/4: Ticonderoga to Plattsburgh 69 miles
Mon, 9/5: Plattburgh to Montreal 63 miles
Tue, 9/6: ½ day rest/brunch in Montreal and then Amtrak back

On a 60 mile club ride I’m an A18/19. Obviously, this trip would be a bit slower.

Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.

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Rob (not verified)

No bikes on the trains.
They must go as Baggage AND check the rules.

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John Z (not verified)
Be Careful

The Adirondack used to have a bike rack in the baggage car -- very convenient. Now I do not see any refer to such on the Amtrak website and various route PDFs. I would call to be certain bikes are allowed.

Hint: On several occasions I have smuggled a bike on an Amtrak train by covering the frame with a couple garbage bags and putting the wheels in another. I would not depend upon this in Montreal.

PS: Consider Metro North to Dover Plains and spending the extra time in Montreal...

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Matt (not verified)

Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah, Amtrak is a major pain in the ass. I found some bike shops in Montreal willing to pack and send, that seems to be the best bet.

There's something magical about walking out of my house and biking to Canada- so the Metro North thing probably wouldn't work for me.

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Arnie B. (not verified)
nyc to montreal

I biked last summer, from NYC to Montreal following NYS bike route 9.
I avoided the problems of Amtrak by coming back via Greyhound. They will sell you a box for $15.00 Canadian. It then goes under the bus as luggage.
I think there was also an additional charge for oversized luggage.

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