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"Does anyone know what route this might be? Not sure why it will help her, but my friend seems eager to retrace her father's trip prior to this accident.



From my friend:

As i've mentioned, my dad really likes to cycle, and took on a LONG bike ride we think on Sunday, through Westchester. We think he would have been starting from Riverdale.

He was found unconscious, according to the ambulance report, on an address listed as ""North Broadway Lake"" in Yonkers. He apparently fell off his bike while going downhill, and was not wearing a helmet (though that's hard to believe, but maybe it was hot and...we just don't know), and suffered severe head trauma. We don't know how long he was there before he was found And he is not able to tell us at the moment (for now he is in stable cond= ition at Westchester Medical Center).

Any ideas on what trail he was on, what his route might have been? Any ideas or even a website to look at would be really helpful. It might help us retrace his steps and the exact time of the accident.

Sorry to throw this one at you, but I figured it'd be easeir to go a knowledgeable and worthy and kind source than shoot in the dark on a web site or with a bike club.

Thanks so much for your help.


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Rob (not verified)

I would contact the Yonkers Police Department for a better idea of the location and time. There is usually a report on such things and of course they know the location best.

There are a few quick decents in Yonkers, but it sounds like he may have been on his way back from Westchester.
I beleive he took North Broadway in Yonkers. From Riverdale, Riverdale Ave turns into North Broadway
then it is either Rt 9 or 9A ( I ride it but forget). You can go all the way through Tarrytown, Ossining then the New Croton Aqueduct.

I do not remember any lake, but the YPD should help.

Oh the helmet can come off if the buckle is not clipped
or from the force of the fall causing the buckle to pop. That is highly unlikely. Sunday weather was nice.

Good luck


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Heath (not verified)
"North Broadway ""AND"" Lake?"

"Could it be North Broadway ""AND"" Lake? I live in Riverdale and take North Broadway into Yonkers. I remember seeing Lake Ave and I was confused because I did not know where there was a lake in the area. If I am not mistaken, Lake Ave is near the top of a hill going North on North Broadway.

Here is a google map of the corner of North Broadway and Lake Ave.,-73.891017&spn=0.010038...

Feel free to have your friend e-mail me if I can be of further assistance."

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