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Can someone recommend a bicycle store in the metro area that sells road and tri bikes and does fittings?

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RJ (not verified)

Sid's Bikes 34th Street, just west of 2nd Avenue. Ask for Tim. 212-213-8380

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NYC cyclist (not verified)

Sids is a joke. I went there to get my first bike and they tried selling me a bike frame that was too big for me!! They don't have a clue about proper bike fittings - they eyeball you and see what they have in invetory and try to sell that to you. I recommend you go to a place where they take several accurate measurements of you (with measuring tape) to determine the best bike size and set up for you. SBR Multisports (203 W 58th St, @ 7th Ave) has tri, road and moutain bikes (and swim and run gear) and have a COMPUTERIZED bike fit system they designed that helps capture your body's angles to get the proper bike fit. You can't find a better fit in the NYC area. I feel like I'm sitting on a couch during my 150 mile rides.

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Jonathan Blyer (Bike Fitter, JackRabbit Sports) (not verified)

SBR uses the dialed in Motion fitting system, which was developed by a software company in New Zealand (I think). The representative from the company met with us at JackRabbit and described to us how the system works. Basically, it takes a video image of the cyclist, then the software determines what adjustments need to be made to the riders fit in order for it to fit its own set of parameters, most likely inlcuding K.O.P.S., and a set parameter for appropriate hip angle. There are a number of reasons that we did not pursue this system at JackRabbit, none of them being the exclusivity clause that SBR has with them. We are in the process of implementing the dartfish video analysis software which captures video, then allows us to show the rider instant feedback visually of what we see in them. It also allows us to track angles as the rider is riding as opposed to statically, which gives us a more accurate depiction of how dynamic cycling effects their angles such as knee angle as a function of heel drop (or lack there of).

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Scott Urista (not verified)
bike shops

I had my fitting done at SBR's after two people (a friend, and a CompuTrainer rep) recommended the store to me. I really like the store, and the staff. Service is good, everyone is friendly, and you have to love a store that has two cool dogs roaming the place.

Anyway, the above post is a little inaccurate. The computerized fitting system at SBR had me on the bike pedaling, and it definitely wasn't a 'static' process. Bright stickers were placed at various points on my body (knee, ankle, shoulder, hip, etc), and the moving video of my pedaling movement was captured by the software program. The entire process had me on the bike pedaling for about 30-45 minutes or so while various adjustments were made.

In the interests of full disclosure, I'm relatively new to cycling - only got into it because running was too hard on my knees. But it means I don't have a frame of reference to compare this fitting to. I can say that I've been on this bike for over two hours on indoor rides and can fully agree with the comment that being on a properly fitted bike is like sitting on your couch. Zero discomfort, no knee problems.

I also went into Sid's, but left after 20 minutes when it became quite clear that the person helping me was just trying to sell me a bike by eyeballing me.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Sid's/But Not For Fittings

I also use Sid's and like them very much, but I strongly advise you to get a fitting elsewhere. No bike shop that I know of has the expertise to do fittings properly. For bike shops, a fitting is merely a part of the sales process. I recommend Happy Freedman, a Sirotta-trained and certified fitter. He is also the coach for the Columbia University bike team. He did a *wonderful* job for me. Cell: (917) 664-4889. There is another Sirotta-trained fitter in the area who, I understand, is also good. His name might be Paul Levine (can anyone help out here?) but from my personal experience, I recommend Happy. Whoever you use, it is well worth the cost to get an independent, high quality fitting.

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Heath (not verified)

"Isn't Paul Levine ""the"" serotta fit guy in the area. I heard that he does the training to certify fitters."

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Carol (not verified)

On the contrary, Alan at Sid's is a trained bike fitter and they have advanced bike fit measuring devices. I've been fitted for two custom bikes there and the fit is perfect. They also helped me get a better fit on a mail order bike. I highly recommend them, but I always caution that you should make an appointment or go in on a weekday when they're not crowded. You can't just walk in on the weekend and expect to get their undivided attention.

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bill (not verified)

I had a good experience with R&A in Brooklyn both in terms of the bike I bought and the fitting they did. Sids seems like a very nice shop to deal with. I like Toga too.

If you're mainly interested in tri bikes you should check out that tri specific store on 58th btwn bway and 7th. They have some amazing bikes.

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seth (not verified)
the only 3 people on this planet who

lay their hands on my bicycles are:
1. me
2. the Z-man at the afformentioned business
3. Mike from the bicycle station.

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tom m. (not verified)

Tri fit is littlie more complicated and it has to be right . I would recommend Craig Upton who does both road a tri fit plus he is a nice guys, excellent fitter , and a great rider. It only makes sense to get fitted by someone who not trying to sell you something . As for NYC bike shops go at your own risk . You might have a good experience or a terrible one . I will guarantee you one thing if you come in and they have a bike that closely fit you they will make it fit and try to sell it to you . Don’t forget the way a bike shop usually fits you is first you must decide what bike you want to buy then they will make it work for you . What they should be doing is taking your measurements and evaluating the flexibility first and then recommending the proper bike. Look very few people can ride a Cervelo with a 115mm head tube, but yet you’ll see this bike with 3 or 4 cm or more spacers all the time.
But, if you know what the fit should be you could go to RA and find the right bike for you . They have by the best selection of Tri bikes in the area the prices are ok .

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Donald (not verified)
tri fitting

If you want a tri bike, go to Paul Levine at signature cycles. Failing that, try Jackrabbit.

Don't let either of them talk you into a custom bike, unless you really actually want it or you're really actually freakish in some proportion. Almost everyone can be fit to at least a couple stock bikes and you in all probability don't NEED a custom. I know Paul will help you find a stock bike that can fit you.

After you get fit, go buy the bike. Once you know what size in which model and how to exactly set it up, you don't need a shop physically, though you may still want one for many very good reasons.

Separating the fit from the bike purchase can help guard against any shadiness and ensure you're getting what you actually need, not what's on the floor and is 'close enough'.

Do it right. Do it once.

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Nathan (not verified)

SIDs is a great shop. I will only deal with Zoltan though.

I LOVE Bicycle Workshop for most repairs. No matter what I need done they can do it. What a cool store!!!

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donna (not verified)
Tri Shop on 58th st bet 7th and 8th (nm)

I'm not sure what the name of the store is but it's on the North side of the street

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Lulu (not verified)

Sid's is the best.

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Lulu (not verified)
sid's again

I was fit for a Serotta by a Serotta certified guy (though not Paul Levine or the Happy Guy) and the bike is a HORRIBLE fit. I just didn't know any better at the time, had only had ill-fitting single speeds to that point. The guys at Sid's fit me beautifully, trying to correct the whacko Serotta fit. R&A is hit or miss if Felix isn't there.

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Zoetemelk (not verified)
A note about fitting in general different systems

If you really want to get the most out of your fit. Do some quick research. The Serotta website which lists all the people by state who are certified through them. (they have 2 levels) and how they get their credentials. Also talk to a bunch of fitters and ask them questions about some of your issues. Craig Upton is trained By Wobble Naught system - Happy and Levine fit using Serotta - they wil set you up very differently!!!! I doubt either one is better or worse just different. My point is you can look up these 2 systems on the web and see which one might be best for you.

As an aside - neither Happy nor Craig will try to sell you anything.

Lastly, if you have any foot or knee issues I have to say Happy gets my vote - he works with perhaps one of the best podiatrists in the city at Hospital for Special Surgey - he know orthotics better then anyone.

Good luck - PS I used a Serotta Level 2 guy in Massachussetts and he did a great job . Best $160 I ever spent.


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Justin (not verified)
Bikes and fits

My opinion for a bike shop you can't go wrong with Sid's if you get the right person. Go along take your time and ask for Tim - seriously you won't be disappointed. Sids' after-service care is great as well. They carry a great range especially Cannondale, Cervelo, Lightspeed and Giant.

For a serious bike fit they have a Serotta system there but if you want to go the whole hog definately use Craig Upton's services - hes moved out West but his Apprentice is excellent - Mike Sherry.

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Joanathan (not verified)
bike shops

I like Sids's. Tim is very knowledgeable, and a great guy to deal with. Toga/Gotham is OK. Bicycle Renaissance has be one of the worst shopping experiences I've ever had, in any retail store. Some of the employees are down right hostile. I have no idea how they manage to stay in business. A shame, since I live only three blocks away.

For those on the UWS. Not a big, fully stocked bike store, but for repairs, I like Championship Bikes on Amsterdam and 103rd. Marco is a great guy. Also, he can order almost anything you want.

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somebody (not verified)

Mike Sherry has taken over for Craig Upton in the east coast (Upton has moved to San Francisco).

Both are extremly knowledgeable and the fit is simply fantastic. I recommend them both.

Their coaching/fitting clients includes the Navigators team.

More here:

cycling trips