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I'm heading out West for vacation tomorrow. In the past I've taken my work bike with me in a cardboard box, but this year I'm taking my weekend bike in a real case.

My question is, can I padlock the case shut, or do they require that checked baggage be open-able by the screening people these days?

Thanks in advance.

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Heath (not verified)
No lock

When I traveled out of LGA in June, the TSA opened my bike box. I stood there and watched and they were really gentle. Although they did almost open the case upside down, so be sure to label top and bottom.

I had taped the latches closed with packing tape. After the inspection, they retaped the latches.

Instead of a padlock, use a zip tie (cable tie, plastic tie) They will cut it and replace it if they open the box. If you use a lock, they will cut the lock and then replace it with a zip tie.

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David Blume (not verified)
Yes, you can lock it...

"Purchase a ""TSA"" lock from any travel store or online - they are denoted by a special symbol that the TSA personnel will recognize. TSA personnel have a universal key to open these locks and they will open and reclose them when they inspect your luggage. Of course, I'm sure these keys are in the hands of non-TSA folks also, but I also believe it helps thwart the ""opportunistic"" thief. It also insures that your bag won't open when hurled 35 feet to the tarmac during unloading, which I also thinks happens sometimes...either that or they have sledgehammer ""back there"" to play with just for kicks.


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Sonny (not verified)
No Lock

On a recent trip to Spain, airport security at JFK opened my bike case without me. I had put a lock on the case and arrive in Barcelona and the lock is gone and a zip tie is in its place.

Don't bother with the lock.

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
Check With Your Airline

On recent trip to Italy, Alitalia insisted that I not use a lock. They had me open my case and inspected it once I arrived in Italy.
I went through the same exact procedure the year before.

Just ask your airline.

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Rob (not verified)
As a Business Traveler

"Rule #1) Do no use ANY lock other than a TSA approved lock. It will be clipped.
Rule #2) The larger the lock the more they want to look inside.
Rule #3) Use Tape, wire ties or rope to ""keep your carton or bag closed.
Rule #4) If it really is of value, do not check it in as bagage
Rule #5) If you must ignore rule #4 do 2 things first. A) Take pics incase of damge/theft. B) Get a rider for your insurance or check if it is covered under your Home owners or business insurance.
Rule #6) If in doubt of anything above... Leave it home,
trust me ""You will be happier""


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Kim (not verified)

Earlier this year the TSA cut my TSA approved lock (they left their calling card in my luggage) on a soft-sided bag with clothes in it.

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