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I am hoping to take my bike with me on a Trailways bus to Utica. Does anybody have advice for getting a box for my bike? Borrowing/renting a box? Any other tips on taking the bike with me? Thanks.

Also, has anybody done any touring around Lake Champlain? I will most likely be following the cue sheets from their Bikeways page. Any places that I should/should not miss? Thanks.

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hannah (not verified)

I rode along the west side of Lake Champlain on a ride from Montreal to NYC a few years ago. It was really gorgeous and low traffic, at least in early June. In some places we opted for Bike 9 or plain old route 9 rather than taking the scenic, lake-front roads, but everything around there seemed to be perfectly smooth and pretty. I've been wanting to go back to check out the islands and the other side. Enjoy!

If you want the Bike 9 map, you can request it from our state bike coordinator, Eric Ophardt (sp?). I'm sure you can find him by googling.


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Vik (not verified)
Bag, not box

A couple times I took my bike on the Greyhound bus. Rode to the bus station, took off the wheels, turned the pedals inside, and put the bike into a big black garbage bag.

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Susan (not verified)
VT cycling

I know the mid-northern part of Vt pretty well (I cycle, hike and ski there) so give a call if you'd like some suggestions

I'm also leading another club's 3 day w/e trip the last w/e in Aug if you'd like to join'

212 288 9663

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